13 days to go!

Last night we all had an early night after a week or so of burning the candles at both ends.  I read my book until my eyes went droopy and then just as I was falling asleep I had my first ‘OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE MOVING TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD’ moment!!

Yes, we have been planning this for five years,  yes, we are DESPERATE to get there but still, we are leaving everyone and everything we know, uprooting ourselves from a very nice life and moving 10505 miles to the other side of the world!

The feeling only lasted a second and I had a really good night’s sleep which I take to be a good thing!

So today I am starting to get us ready for actually leaving.  13 days of clothes left out, everything else is being packed – now if the weather could just decide what it is doing then it would be an awful lot easier!

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3 Responses to 13 days to go!

  1. Lana Adams says:

    Hi Laura,
    Just to let you know that I am following your blog and your HUGE upcoming move with interest. Best of everything to you and your precious family.

  2. Thank you Lana! How long until you come to visit us?

    L xxx

  3. Jacqui Alexander says:

    Just to let you know we will be thinking of you and we definately know how you feel.
    All the very best.

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