…one is silver, the other gold

One of my worries about moving has been meeting new people.  I have lived in Penicuik most of my life and I have friends since I was teeny so I was a bit nervous about moving somewhere where I know no-one!

But then I thought about the people I spend most of my time with – the playground mafia – I didn’t know any of them when I moved to Penicuik but they have become treasured friends.

Yesterday I had a LOVELY lunch with Julie B, Julie W and Sarah – I didn’t know any of them 8 years ago but they are really great fun and very special people. 

I had dinner last night with Lynn and Jeni (there has been a lot of eating going on!) – we have been friends since we were in school and I can’t imagine my life without them.

I have realised that people come into our lives all the time.  Some of them drift away and we don’t really notice, but some of them make a profound impression on our lives whether they have been around for 30 or 3 years.

I am not nervous about meeting new people now but impatient to find out which new friends are out there waiting!

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