7 days to go …

So we are well into single figures now and it is all a bit real today.

We had a lovely weekend in Aviemore with Lynn, Stuart and Rosie – so nice to sit and do nothing after months of action.  We didn’t say ‘goodbye’ to them just yet which I am glad about because I have had lovely, happy, mainly slightly drunken times at the cabin and I wouldn’t want the memory of saying goodbye to my oldest friend and my gorgeous God-daughter to cast a shadow over them.

Last night my cousin, Louisa and her boyfriend, Manuel came out for dinner and we had to say goodbye to them (after the Australia – Germany game, but the least said about that the better!).  Exciting things are happening for them this year, too.  Louisa moves over to Spain in September.  They are such a lovely couple and I hope all goes well for them.  I don’t know when we will see them again, but on a positive note, wherever we are it will be sunny!

Today I met Mum at the North Kirk Cafe for a cup of tea as I have almost every Monday morning for over eight years.  I was there when Alexander was a teeny, tiny, screaming baby when our visits there were something of a sanity-saver as the volunteer ladies or Rev. Fraser would take my furious, noisy boy from me and walk round the church with him while I sat out in the cafe area and had a warm cup of tea (as every mother knows, getting to drink a coffee or tea while it is still hot when you have a baby is something of a rarity!).  I was there all through my pregnancy with Ruby and didn’t miss a Monday after her birth, she was born on Friday and we were there the next Monday!  Again, the ladies all had a cuddle (somewhat more enjoyable with a baby who was not roaring her head off!) and still made a fuss of Alexander, helping him choose his home-baking or getting toys out of the toy box for him.

It has been a really special place for me as it has been a weekly chance for Mum and I to catch up.  Next Monday we’ll be in the Airport and I won’t get my cuppa and blether with my Mum.  I don’t like that idea.

It’s only Monday.  This might be a hard week I think.

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4 Responses to 7 days to go …

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    That made me well up, Laura!!
    Such an exciting time for you all but it must feel very difficult.

  2. Jacqui Alexander says:

    Hi there, how exciting only 7 days to go. Laura, we spent a lovely family day on the beach today and its winter! Ben, Georgie and Zach were even in the water. Something for you to look forward to. Jx

  3. Gillian Anderson says:

    WOW 7 days, so excited for you and your family, it’s going to be fabulous!! x

  4. Hazel marwick says:

    Finding I am having to “suck it up” Everytime i see the kids together Laura, But as you know I am soooo pleased you are escaping and I know the kids will all be fine! Thinking friday may not be able to keep it all in so apologies in advance if i am blubbering wreck!! Still gonna party though!!! Haz x

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