Goodbye Rainbows

More goodbyes today, some I will write about and some I can’t just yet.

Ruby had a lovely night at Rainbows tonight, the wonderful leaders had planned a night of Australian games and activities for the girls to do to send Ruby on her way.  They dressed Ruby up in a Make-shift Aussie girl guide uniform, made hats with corks on, coloured a kangaroo picture, played ‘Pass the Didgeridoo’ and gave Ruby some very sweet presents to remember her Rainbow group by.  They had put in such a lot of effort, I was really touched.

Ruby loved it all but howled when we got home.  All her best friends are in this group, they are a really nice bunch and it’s a shame to think that she won’t grow up with them.

I’ll stop now as this train of thought would take me down a very soggy path.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Rainbows

  1. Hazel marwick says:


  2. lesley liddell says:

    aw thats so sweet she will be missed but never forgotten byn her best friends tho….shes young enough to make new ones and old enough to remember her scottish ones x

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