Packing and tree planting

I HATE packing!!  Usually I like it because usually I am not taking all my vital possessions but this time it has been a nightmare. 

We are allowed 30kg each which is LOADS but we have all our winter clothes and all our summer clothes because the weather has been so rubbish but we are optimists!  We also have all our vital documents and other things that we couldn’t be without if – God forbid – the container ship taking our furniture etc over should sink or go astray.

We have four enormous suitcases, big enough that the kids can get inside (yes, we’ve tested!) and so Michael and I each took one, one for the kids’ clothes and one for general stuff.  I am aware that this is not the sensible way to pack and it is not how I usually pack but it’s the only way we could bear to do it!  Usually I put a bit of everyone’s stuff in each case so that if anything goes missing one person is not left without a stitch to wear!  As I say though, this is an unusual situation!  If anything goes missing I will think ‘Oh thank God, one less case to unpack!’ because I hate unpacking even more!!

We finally have them all sorted though and stored up at Mum and Dad’s house until Monday – phew!

The other thing we did today was plant a tree in the school garden.  Mauricewood has been such a lovely school for A & R and I wanted to leave some mark that they had been there.

As Melbourne is in the state of Victoria, I ordered a Victoria Plum tree from – I can’t recommend them highly enough.  Super speedy service, LOVELY trees and great prices.   I also bought a Keepstake from – a company run by my lovely friend, Julie. 

The tree arrived yesterday and I expected a little stick in a pot which would take years to get to full maturity.  In actual fact it is a proper grown up tree over 6′ tall with teeny, green plums on it already!

We took it up to school and arranged to plant it today so all their friends stayed behind after school and with the help of the gardening club (and Pops!) we dug a hole

Alexander and Ruby put the earth back into the hole

Ruby held the Keepstake while Alexander read it out

and that was it done!  I hope it will grow well in it’s sunny spot in the school garden and maybe come August, this year or next, the kids of Mauricewood will be able to enjoy a pot of jam made from the plums!

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  1. correen says:

    Pics are lovely. What a lovely idea!

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