The Playground Mafia

Today was Ruby and Alexander’s last day at school and oh boy, it was a toughie!

The teachers made a lovely fuss of them both , they both got up at the front of the assembly and were wished well by the whole school and then back in their classes their teachers laid on a little tea party for each of them – Ruby’s class…

Alexander’s class…

And after school we had a lovely afternoon round at Hazel’s house with the Playground Mafia.

The kids had a great time running around in the garden – it was very clever of Hazel to organise such lovely weather so we could all stay out in the sun! 

The girls had put on a lovely spread and gave us some very sweet and thoughtful presents.  I have been so lucky with this lovely group of friends, Hazel was in my ante-natal class (8 years ago), Denise and Julie joined the NCT with us (6.5 years ago), I met Pauline and Sarah when Alexander started school (3 years ago) and Eileen was the latest addition when Ruby started nursery at Mauricewood (2 years ago).  They are a fantastic group of girls who have saved my bacon on several occasions! 

Leaving was very sad.

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One Response to The Playground Mafia

  1. lesley liddell says:

    im enjoying these blogs laura very good and keeping us up to date..alex said that the assembly was good and im glad they made a fuss of ruby and alexander…they deserve it go girl …wow oz with your talents and lovley kids…show them how the scotts do it x

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