The ultimate test!

If you want to know whether you are married to the right person then I highly recommend emigrating as the process of getting ready to go will show you one way or another if they are the one for you!

Michael and I have been packing and organising for what seems like MONTHS!  Firstly to get out of Windsor Drive and then to get out of Jackson Street but there has not been a single cross word spoken – some silent seething on both sides at various points but that is only to be expected I think!

I am very grateful to have such a lovely husband who has pushed me when I have been faffing (regularly) and hugged me when I have been upset (occasionally) and given me a wee arm rub about twenty times a day just to check I am ok.  Michael is exactly the sort of person anyone would want to go through major life changing events with.

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2 Responses to The ultimate test!

  1. David says:


    Good bloke that.

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