How would you spend your last day before you emigrate?

I’ll tell you what I did – I power-walked a marathon through the streets of Edinburgh from midnight until early morning!

I had applied at the beginning of the year, done the training and so it seemed a shame not to be here to do it after we sold our house!

As part of the ‘Moonwalk’ experience all the participants wear a decorated bra.  The theme this year was ‘Mardi Gras’ but I went off theme and made something a little more topical …

Just so no-one missed how much of a nut-case I am …

It was a brilliant night – 10,000 walkers, mostly women but a few men, all done up in feathery, flowery bras (yes, the men too!) trudging through the streets of Edinburgh.  It really lifted the spirits after walking from central Edinburgh, up Arthur’s Seat and out to the far west of the city (13 miles) to see the sun starting to tinge the clouds pink along the front at Cramond.

By the time we got to Seafield we were pretty weary but again, the view (if not the smell!) was gorgeous

After that it was a matter of putting one foot in front of the other until we got back to the pink palace

to find Mum, Dad, Michael and the kids cheering for me at the finish line! 

 I collected my medal, got some porridge and hobbled to the car!  It was a great night and a great way to spend the last day in Scotland but now I am doing a lot of this …

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2 Responses to How would you spend your last day before you emigrate?

  1. Bill & Betty says:

    Just read your latest blog. Good news Mike getting a start, hope everything works out Ok jobwise. We shall be keeping an eye on your progress.

    Bye for now, love to the kids

    Bill & Betty

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