We’ve arrived!!

Well, we woke on Monday morning to find a red carpet rolled out in front of Mum and Dad’s house!  Our friend Stuart had come up in the middle of the night and set it up for us!  Hee hee what a joker! 

We set off and had a smooth run over to Glasgow Airport and then had 30 hours of travelling ahead of us!  It was fairly tedious so I will spare you the minute details but our flights went smoothly with lots of films, curries for breakfast and mango juice!  We had a stop-over in Dubai for eight hours where the kids slept under chairs and Michael and I kept watch over the bags.

We arrived in Melbourne at about 8am (11pm UK time – 34 hours after we left Penicuik) and contrary to Michael’s concerns, we did not get strip-searched for having a bar of chocolate in the kids’ bags!  Don’t bother looking for us on ‘Border Security : Nothing to Declare’!!  Honestly, he was having kittens that they were going to go nuts!

Hughie was there to collect us and we came back to their house – exhausted but determined to stay up until at least 7pm to get us into the swing of things.  We managed to stay awake until 5pm and then all hit the wall.  We couldn’t even stay awake for Hughie’s lovely curry – it smelled great but we just couldn’t keep our eyes open.

Today (Thursday) is our 10th anniversary – a lovely way to start our new life in Australia!  We don’t have anything planned because a. we are still knackered and b. we don’t know anywhere to go yet!  It is enough of a present to be on this adventure together!

We had a really busy day getting lots of official type stuff done – tax registration, medicare numbers, school visits, estate agents etc.  We have a few appointments to see houses tomorrow.

It is great to be here, I keep having ‘this is our life now’ moments but it is all good!

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2 Responses to We’ve arrived!!

  1. Lana says:

    Congratulations on your arrival. AND on your TENTH (???!!!???) wedding anniversary! Are you sure…. that seems like yesterday. All my love, Lana

  2. David says:

    Happy Anniversary!

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