Soccer and NEW HOUSE!!

I had a RUBBISH night’s sleep last night – so many things going through my head with all the things we have been doing and all the things we still need to do.  I was lying in bed for about three hours in the middle of the night trying to ignore all the things going round my head.  Just after I got to sleep, Alexander came through covered in blood after yet another nose-bleed!  I got him cleaned up and sat with him while it stopped then I had to try to get back to sleep again!!

We had an appointment to see another house this morning and while it looked better from the outside –  more garden, big fence round about it, orange tree by the back door – the previous tenants had left it in a complete state!  Even my Mum (champion cleaner and stain remover!) would have had trouble with it!  That helped to make our decision so we have gone for the landlord’s other property which we saw yesterday. 

It’s all just been renovated and the landlord is doing the garden this weekend and then we’re free to move in any time we like!  The kids are delighted that they have a bedroom each, I am delighted that we have a utility room and a bath and I think Michael is pleased with the rent!  The house is about a 10 minute walk from the nearest primary school and the kids will start there on 13th July when the new term starts (they are currently on winter break).

Now we just need to get Michael a job and all the major points will be covered!  He is working on that from Monday.  I just hope he’s as lucky with that as we have been with everything else.

After seeing the house we went to see Cameron play soccer. (can’t say football as that means Aussie Rules football here – incidentally, we saw our first AFL game as residents last night, there may be a slight misnomer as there appears to be a complete lack of rules!  Punch ups and brawling seems to be the norm!)

It was all very serious with parents shouting from the sidelines.  The kids were really focussed and took it just as seriously.  Mark Viduka was there – meant nothing to me but everyone was quite excited!  He used to play for Celtic, Leeds, Newcastle – I wouldn’t have known him if he’d landed in my tea.  He made Hughie laugh by asking for herbal tea at the canteen!  (more bacon roll and tea than herbal teas and bagels!).

Alexander loved watching and was a very vocal cheerleader!  It was a bit embarrassing when he was shouting that it was 5-0 to Cameron’s team and all the opposition parents were standing there!!

Ruby was not so interested and spent her time guddling in the puddles from last night’s rainfall

This evening we are cooking a korma for the Stewarts and I will probably be in my bed by 7pm after last night’s disturbed sleep!

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3 Responses to Soccer and NEW HOUSE!!

  1. Jane McNaull says:

    well done so far .It will be a relief to have a roof over your heads that is yours for the mean time anyway.I hope all goes well with the job hunting x love the blog by the way !

  2. Team Keith says:

    Just caught up with your blog tonight. It’s great, going to share it with Sal tomorrow. She’s missing her Ruby. Glad all is going well and my fingers are crossed for Michael. Lots of love, speak soon.

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