Mount Macedon and wild kangas

Up this morning to another chilly but bright day made even better by Hughie’s bacon and egg rolls (I am pleased to report that they have excellent morning rolls and proper bacon here – vital ingredients to a Scot’s Sunday morning happiness but often difficult to find abroad!) 

I had to battle with Ruby this morning over hairbrushing – she had a massive bird’s nest of a hairdo because she is in holiday mode and so I am not so insistant on doing her hair every day and she won’t let me brush it out.  I threw her in the shower and lathered on the conditioner and all is well now!

When we were all done we went out for a drive.  About 30 minutes away is Mt Macedon, a very impressive country park.  It was pretty nippy up there – Michael was regretting giving my Dad his winter coat before we left!

The best thing about being up there was seeing all of Australia sprawled out in front of us.  The terrain is so flat with just occasional hills and mountains that you can see for miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles!(fairly typical that three out of four of us are talking during the taking of this pic!)

Right in the middle of this pic and just under the clouds you can see the skyscrapers of Melbourne 60km away.

After a walk round there we went to a wee town called Gisborne.  It was a really nice wee country town with a great park which kept some folks happy…

…then to a cafe for an ice cream

which some people were pleased about …

and some people were not!!  (Mango ice cream here doesn’t taste the same here apparently!)

On the way home Hughie pulled the car over when we went past a field full of kangaroos running wild! 

It was lovely to see them out in the open just popping their wee heads up and listening for us.

We came home and went to the meat and produce warehouse – it is a big shed in the town full of beautiful fruit and veg that looks as though it has been polished!  It is super cheap but all perfect and gorgeous!  The meat and fish counter is a foodie’s heaven!  I can’t wait to take Mum and Dad there!  There was swordfish, gummie shark, oysters, chicken done twenty different ways and every kind of steak you can think of – all at really reasonable prices *sigh* it’s a lovely country!

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