More box ticking!

I had a bit of a lie in this morning after staying up to watch the England v Germany game in the world cup last night (another downside of living on the other side of the world from everything else is that major world sporting events are shown in the middle of the night) .  We were looking forward to watching the game as we were hoping that we wouldn’t have to put up with English commentators (I would happily support England if it wasn’t for their commentators!) but alas we were out of luck and, as always, we had a mention of 1966 and Maradona’s handball within the first half hour!  I did feel sorry for them when their second goal was disallowed though – it clearly went WELL over the line.  Ah well.

Another busy day of organising ourselves today!  Linda and Hughie had a day off and Cameron was off school so it was a full house for breakfast (well, minus Chloe and Derek who were off to work already).

We had a look at some catalogues and websites to compare prices for fridges and washing machines.  Rental places often require you to bring your own white goods so we had to find some before we can move in to the new place.

We settled on a shop called ‘The Good Guys’ where we could apparently get a better deal for cash.  We all set off because the Stewarts were looking for a tumble dryer too.  We chose what we needed and came away with a toaster, kettle and hairdryer too so we have all the essentials now.  Michael tried to talk me into getting a MAHOOOOOOSIVE big TV too but I was having none of it.  Firstly, a TV is not an essential, it is a luxury, secondly, I don’t really want a TV at all so we DEFINITELY won’t be getting a big one!  I didn’t come all this way across the world to be sitting watching telly!

We went looking for beds too but I think we might stick to Ikea for that.  Ikea is just down the road from Jeni and Dave’s house so we will try to combine our shopping trip with a visit to them.

On the way home we popped into the bank to see if we could withdraw money before our cards arrive and we found out that there was a problem with our account – I thought it had all been a bit easy when we were in there the other day!  We ended up being in there for over an hour getting our accounts activated but it is done now and all is well.  The staff were all really helpful and friendly so it didn’t seem like half the drag it would have been back at the BOS in Penicuik!!

People here have been more helpful and friendly right across the board.  I don’t know if it’s because they hear our accents and are taking pity on us or whether they are just like this but it is very refreshing to be served in shops, banks, offices by people with a bit of enthusiasm!  People seem to put a lot more into their work and it really shows from a customers point of view!

We came home from the bank to find Ruby and Chloe painting their nails!  Ruby had all my nail polish bottles out and Chloe was showing Ruby her collection!  It was very sweet!

Dinner of chicken cacciatore thanks to Hughie and then a night of not doing much.  I think I’ll be in bed early tonight, we have job and car hunting booked in for tomorrow!

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