Not even one week in and we’re all set!

Well, nearly, just the small matter of a job for Michael but apart from that we are totally set up!

We got up this morning (don’t know why I say that every day because it’s pretty obvious that we have to get up!!), got ready and Michael set out for the upholsterers in Melton – may as well start the search closest to home!  The place is owned by and Italian guy who has been here about 5 years and apparently still has a really thick accent so M says that it’s more an interpreter that he needs!  M has left his CV with him and hopefully he’ll give us a call back soon.  We have a stack of others to take round other places too though.

After lunch we drove into the city to Ikea – we were going to wait until Jeni got back from Sydney so we could get a visit with her too but we had the chance today and I know we’ll see Jeni very soon anyway.  This is the closest I have lived to her for over 10 years!  Crazy that we both move all the way round the world and end up living closer than we did before!

We navigated the motorways into the city (without a cross word!) and got to the Swedish heaven!!  It was so odd – we are used to having Ikea just along the road at Straiton and this was EXACTLY the same!  It was strangely comforting!  We bought bedding for the kids, a coffee table, bedside tables, cutlery, laundry stuff – lots of good stuff!  We saw the bed we want but we’ll need some way of getting it home!  It’s $100 to get delivery to Melton so we’ll try to avoid that if we can.

When we got back to Linda’s we dropped that stuff off and then went out again to the shopping centre.  We got some plates, pots, downies, towels and an inflatable mattress on special offer so we are all set!

When all that was offloaded into the Stewart’s garage we had some dinner (yummy chicken and fried rice) and then Hughie came with us to look at a car.  Michael had been drooling over RAV 4s but I convinced him that a smaller car would be better, that we could get a newer one for the same money and it would be cheaper to run – thankfully he saw sense!  We went to see an Astra (Holden, not Vauxhaul but same thing!) and it was really nice.  We managed to talk the man down in price a wee bit and he is going to get the MOT (well, it’s called a ‘Roadworthy certificate’ here) for it and we’ll pick it up and pay for it on Thursday.  Woo hoo!!  It is an automatic transmission which M is very excited about having driven Linda’s for the last week! 

So that’s us, pretty much organised and ready to move into our own place.  The suitcases are still packed so that should be easy enough for us!

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2 Responses to Not even one week in and we’re all set!

  1. Hazel marwick says:

    Laura, you are so super organised I am really impressed, and you have had a wee chance to look around!! The house looks fab! So lovely to see pics of you all looking very happy!!
    Playground bit quieter these days, def miss our wee chats!
    Take care hx

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