Cinema and cleaning

I had the strangest dream last night.  We bought a house with a playroom which had an open room and a gum tree growing in the middle of it.  We bought a koala to go in the gum tree!  Kind of indicative of how much shopping we have done recently and if we have wanted something we have just bought it!

Anyway, we decided that the kids deserved a treat today having been dragged round all sorts of boring places for the last week.  We took them (and Cameron – he has put up with a lot since we arrived!)  to the cinema to see ‘Marmaduke’ – they really enjoyed it.  It was not really my idea of a good time but I know that shopping for sheets and towels is not their idea of a good time!

We brought Alexander and Cameron back to Linda’s house and went down to our new place to get things organised.  I hoovered and mopped the whole house.  It was really dusty from the work that has been done inside and muddy from the workmen dragging the mud from outside across the wooden floors.  I am not a great fan of housework but it was very satisfying and lovely to think that this would be our first home in Australia!

Ruby came with us and was a great help.  She sorted all the things we have bought over the last few days into the right rooms and then set about organising her own room.  She is so delighted to have her own room for the first time.  I wonder whether she will actually like it because she is a bit of a pansy but she is certainly pleased to have girly bed covers and a pretty pink rug! 

We popped into a few furniture places on the way back to see if there were any beds that took our fancy but I think we’re going to stick with the Ikea one we saw before.

We made dinner tonight so I nipped to the supermarket for a few essentials before coming back to Linda’s and making my cherry tomato pasta for everyone.  It was lovely to make a dinner and have clean plates all round!

Hopefully the guy with the car will phone tomorrow and we will be able to go and pick it up!

I must try to take more pictures, blog entries are more interesting with them I think!

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2 Responses to Cinema and cleaning

  1. says:

    g day! Yes pictures please! Sarah would like pics of Ruby s room, how exciting! I am so glad everthing is coming together for you all!

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