Well, we dreamed it might happen but never really thought it would!  Michael got a job today!!  It is not necessarily THE job but it is certainly A job and even better, it is in the same town as we are living so he has a ten minute commute!  He is going in tomorrow for a ten hour shift and then they are going to see where it goes from there.  Obviously the guy needs to see how good Michael is (very good, in my not remotely biased opinion ;-)) and so he is giving Michael a trial but says that they’ll discuss details and has already mentioned the fact that he is really busy but would like to cut down his own hours in the future and needs someone to take over.  I am really hoping that it will work out for him and that he can be happy and successful there.

In other news today, Michael passed his vision test for driving which was a relief and saved us a trip to the optician!  He now has a full Aussie licence.  I have started studying for my test.  My aim is to pass within 3 months.  I really need to drive here, everything is so spread out and there is a lot to explore!

We also bought a wee couch set today.  It is a bed settee and two bed armchairs.  They are clean and comfortable – not the colour we would chose from a shop but seriously cheaper and luckily, I know a man who can make new covers for them when our own furniture arrives and we can put this stuff in each of our bedrooms!

I popped over to Linda’s this afternoon and caught up with her after her weekend away.  She had a great time but broke a tooth while she was away and so I stayed with Cameron while she went to the dentist to get it fixed.

And finally, I am sad to report that Michael has worn me down and he bought a telly.  We almost managed 2 weeks without one!  I would rather be without but he really wanted one and by way of celebrating his job, I relented!  I won’t forget it though and when I want something I know I have this up my sleeve as ammunition – mwah ha ha!

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5 Responses to Result!!

  1. says:

    Well done Michael!! Laura let him enjoy his moment and have the TV! Love to all.

  2. Ronnie says:

    Well done Michael!!! That is the set now – school for the kids, all the insurance you’ll ever need, house, car and job!! Wow the Parks don’t hang about!! You don’t have to watch the tele Laura and you can always hide the remote>

  3. Hazel marwick says:

    Wow!! You really are the Amazing Parks!! Well done Michael!!!! Hx

  4. David says:

    Congratulations Michael! On the job and the telly!

  5. Jacqui A says:

    Well done on the job front, that is so quick and to get something so close to home is a bonus. Enjoy the tv as it is still going to be cold for the next couple of months, plenty of time in the summer to go exploring in the evening. Glad you guys are so settled already.

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