Frost and museum

We woke up at stupid o’clock this morning – something round about 3 or 4 am – because Ruby had a nightmare.  I think she freaked out a bit because her room is so dark and she was all alone.  Anyway, she came through to us and climbed in beside me.  I would have put her back in her own bed if it was not so cold in the house!!

So after a mediocre sleep my alarm went off at 7.30am for Michael to get ready for work.  It had been my intention to get up and see him off but he put the electric blanket back on and told me to stay in bed because I had barely slept.  Unfortunately the wriggly, chatty octopus was still in my bed so I didn’t really get anymore sleep but hey ho!  I heard Michael leave and then heard a kind of crunching noise from outside – he was scraping FROST off his car!!  FROST!!  Brrrrrrrr and Grrrrrrrrrr – not happy!

We were all up, breakfasted and ready to go by 10.30am when Linda dropped Cameron off with us.  She was working today so I said he could come into the city with us.  We went to the station and caught the train in.  It’s only about half an hour on the train right in the middle of the city.

We caught the wee free tram that circles the city

and went to the museum.  We saw round the dinosaurs and the bugs and then heard over the loudspeaker that a tour of the indigenous forest would be taking place shortly so we went to join that.  There is an Australian forest growing just outside the museum and an aboriginal lady took us round and taught us which plants were used for what, which we could eat, which smelled good, which were good for starting fires, which were good for making spears etc.  It was really interesting. 

We played about for a while – my children reinforced their position as shameless posers!

Then we had some lunch and went into the Titanic exhibition

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside which is a shame because it was really interesting.  It is a touring exhibit of stuff they found at the bottom of the sea.  There were shoes and letters and really personal things like that as well as pieces of the ship and random fixtures and fittings.  It was all very sad and reminded me that it was a real life disaster.

When we left the museum we went out to the park that I remember ed from our trip last year.  It was a very different experience sitting on a bench watching them play in the winter!  Needless to say, we didn’t last as long as we did last February and we got back on the tram and straight on our train back to Melton.

Michael picked us up at the station having done his first day’s work at Alfredo’s Upholstery.  It all went well apparently – that’s about all the detail he gave me but he is back in tomorrow so it can’t have been disasterous!

We came home and had a quick dinner then the kids went to bed.  We are all a bit tired tonight and ready to hit the pillows!

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One Response to Frost and museum

  1. Marion says:

    So glad you are all settling in. Despite the cold, which you are all well used to, it was good that you went during the Aussi winter. It will give you time to acclimatise to the warm summer weather, which of course, living in Scotland, you will not be used to!!
    Have fun and enjoy! Lots of love from us all in Wiltshirexxxxx

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