Competitions and final box ticked

The day we arrived in Australia, two weeks ago, Linda gave us an entry form for a competition that McDonalds were running where 200 children from all over Australia would get the chance to go to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground – where they play Australian Rules Football in the months when the cricket isn’t on) and play with an AFL team (Collingwood – the Magpies), then have lunch and entertainment in the corporate areas and then watch an AFL game (Collingwood v St Kilda) from the VIP boxes.  All we had to do was write why Alexander should be chosen.  I put that we were fresh off the plane and that he would love to see an AFL game and get involved in Aussie life.

HE WON!!!!!  I am so pleased for him!  He is a bit bemused by it all and doesn’t really get what a big deal it is but he’s really looking forward to it, as is Michael who gets to accompany him next Saturday!

I can’t believe it!  I would NEVER have said that we were lucky in Scotland, happy – yes, fortunate – sometimes, but not lucky.  Since we have arrived here it is as though our fairy godmother is walking ahead of us opening doors and laying out things we want so we can trip over them!

Alexander went out with some friends of Cameron’s today so it was just Ruby and I.  She wanted to make some cookies so we went to the shops to get ingredients.  It was only when we came to the assembling of the ingredients that I realised that some of my vital cooking equipment is still on the ocean somewhere!

Note the knife on the chopping board being used to cut the chocolate – how I miss my Pampered Chef Chopper!  We also don’t have a microwave because I use it so rarely, but one of the things I do use it for is melting chocolate and butter for cookies!

Wherefore art though Pampered Chef Mix ‘n Scraper?!  (Shakespeare buffs, I know that doesn’t make sense but YKWIM!)

The probelm with baking when you have no baking equipment is that measuring ingredients is a bit hit and miss!  What we produces were edible but weird cookie/cake hybrids.  Ruby was happy though and it was a nice way to spend the afternoon!

This evening we ticked the final ‘New life in Oz’ box.  May I introduce …….

Larry!!  We (I) have wanted a dog for so long but we couldn’t have one because we were moving.  I happened to look up Cocker Spaniel breeders just to get an idea if there were any around and a kennel about an hour away had this gorgeous golden boy (exactly what we wanted) as part of a six week old litter.  I called the woman and she said we could come out any time.  We went tonight and chose him out from the four puppies in the litter.  (Larry is closest to the camera – he is all gold except a wee white bit on his tummy and white tip-toes!) He was interested and lively but not the nuttiest – just perfect.

We go to get him on Friday 23rd July – I can’t wait!  Smitten?  Moi?!!

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5 Responses to Competitions and final box ticked

  1. Ronnie says:

    Larry is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Can’t wait to meet him.

  2. Gillian Anderson says:

    2 weeks already thats mad. Larry is very cute, watch your flip flops (thongs) tho, I’ve already lost a pair to my mums puppy the swine
    Hope Alexander has a blast at the AFL!!

  3. Hazel says:

    You continue to amaze guys!!! Well done Alexander, quite right you should win hope you and Dad have a great time!! Oh laura if only Pampered Chef shipped to Oz, I am quite sure that with their efficiency level they would have a food chopper etc to you by the beginning of next week. I am so delighted that things are working out for you as you deserve it!! Hope you are not toooo freeeezing, just think soon spring, then a long lovely SUMMER!!! Hx

  4. Hazel says:

    Oh and Larry is gorgeous!!!!

  5. jane mcnaull says:

    well you have done so well all of you . I have to say you have made the move look easy ! before you know it half of penicuik will be following suit .! love larry by the way.
    keep the blog going its great reading.

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