Flowers and window cleaning!

I got a lovely surprise today!  A florist delivery truck pulled up and a lady got out with a big armful of flowers and a bottle and made for our front door.  I automatically assumed that I was to take it in for someone else – after all, who would be sending us flowers?!  Well, I was wrong!  Thanks to the wonders of the internet my lovely brother and sister-in-law sent us a flower arrangement and bottle of bubbly as a house warming gift – all the way from Minnesota!!  Thank you so much David and Carol, I was really touched and somewhat amazed!!  We will find a good time to pop the bubbly!

We spent much of today around the house.  The kids were watching dvds and playing this morning while I swept the floors and cleaned inside.

After lunch we went to the shops to buy some supplies for Larry.  Each of the kids got to buy a toy for him and we got bowls, an out-and-about water bottle/dish thingy, a brush, poo bags (yes, Mum, you do have to pick up after dogs in Oz!).  I also got a big piece of card to make a calendar to count down the days until our first visitors (November, unless anyone wants to jump the queue!)

When we came home I washed all the outdoor windows.  I must have looked a bit odd out there with my mop and my squeedgee but the windows were filthy and I couldn’t bear it any longer.  They are probably still a bit streaky but as my Mum says, at least they are clean streaks!  The workmen are coming down tomorrow to start building the house next door so they will no doubt be filthy again but *I* know they were done!

After dinner we dropped the kids round at Linda’s and borrowed her car to go and buy our bed frame.  Our Sat Nav, did I say that we had got a Sat Nav?  Yes, we thought it was worth it because we have no idea where we are going!  Anyway, our Sat Nav took us in a completely backwards way and at one point cut out while we were in the middle of the city with six lanes of traffic around us with no idea where we were going!  It got it’s act together again and we got to Ikea and back but it was a bit late to start building so that’s the first job on the list for tomorrow!

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