Tea, tea and more tea!

I was woken up again this morning by Ruby climbing into our bed at 5am after a nightmare.  Hmm, I wonder if she is at it?  I am trying to take it easy on the kids just now because there have been so many changes but if she keeps waking me up over two hours early then I may not be so sympathetic!!

Once I was awake I couldn’t get back to sleep because I could hear the drops of condensation falling on the window ledge!  It is so cold outside and the windows are just wee single glazed things so there is a reservoir on the inside every morning!  I should save the water to pour into the garden in the summer!

It clearly wasn’t the day for a lie in because our landlord arrived at 7am to start work on the other house he is building on this plot of land.  Cue lots of trucks backing into our drive and workmen stomping about.  He had told us that this was happening so I wasn’t annoyed or anything, it just seems really early to start!

Michael left for work (I made him his lunch, I am a good wife :-)) and I suddenly realised that I had to get Alexander up because he was going to the cinema with Cameron and Hughie to see ‘The Karate Kid’.  He left and Linda phoned to see if I wanted to go for a cup of tea with her to Melissa’s house (Melissa is Christine’s (Linda’s sister’s/Mum’s cousin’s) daughter – I will have to do a family tree!)  She has two wee girls, Mia, 3 and Lexi, 8m so Ruby would at least be able to see that there are SOME girls in Australia!  Linda came and picked us up and we went and spent a really nice time with them.  Ruby loved playing with Mia’s dolls house and drawing pictures with her.

We went back to Linda’s for some lunch and another cuppa and then Hughie came home and took Ruby and the boys to the park while Linda and I went to visit another friend, Morag, who lives in our street.  She is from Glasgow.  We had a really good chat with her – and some more tea!  It is nice to know someone else in our street, it is a very quiet road and you never really see anyone out and about.

I came back to our house and Ash (our landlord) was just finishing work on the house and had switched our plumbing back on (thank goodness after all that tea!) then called it a day until tomorrow – they’ll be back again at 7am so no Saturday morning lie in for us!

I had a bit of a clear up and a tidy round before dinner and the house is finally taking some sort of shape.  A lot of it is temporary but at least it is looking a little more homely.  I will try to do a tour tomorrow if the kids haven’t trashed it by then!

Alexander has been a bit down today since getting home.  I am not sure what is going on but I think that the sooner they get to school and get involved with things the better.  He is such a loud, brash boy on the outside but he is a sensitive wee soul really and I just hope that he finds some nice friends here.

He was in his bedroom playing his DS and generally moping this evening, nothing we could do could coax him out of his fog and then The Proclaimers ‘500 Miles’ came on the local radio station so we had an impromptu dining room disco and that seemed to lift his spirits again!

Family Film Night tonight once Michael has built our bed and then early nights all round I think!

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