Library, shopping and meal planning.

No blog post yesterday because we were out and about all day!  We went to Jeni and Dave’s house for Dave’s birthday BBQ which was good fun – great to meet some of their friends.  When we got home from there we went to Christine and David’s house and spent a really nice evening with them.  We didn’t get home until after midnight!!

We got a rather lovely lie-in this morning with no diggers or alarms to disturb us!  We had no heating on this morning for the first time – summer is coming!!

Ruby woke me up after 10am by coming through in tears because she misses her friend Sarah.  This is hard.  I know she misses her and I feel terrible for her but I can’t let her dwell on it for long because the truth is that she is not going to see her for a long time and we need to learn to deal with that.  We had a cuddle and then had to get up and on with the day.

Michael took a load of polystyrene and cardboard to the dump/recycling centre.  We had sooooo much packaging from all the things we have bought over the last couple of weeks!  The terrace behind the house looks quite empty without it all!

We went out this afternoon to the library and joined up there.  Books are really expensive here – to the point that it is cheaper to buy from the UK and have them sent over than buying here!  Jeni and Dave gave us a good tip – the company offers free worldwide shipping and has very reasonable prices.  I have ordered a puppy training book from them so will be able to fully recommend them when it arrives!  Still, it is one of my new goals to utilise libraries more.  I love books and had LOADS in Scotland but really, I very rarely read a book more than once, there are so many good books out there, why would I?  I borrowed a couple of dog health books so I can read up before Larry arrives and I no longer have time to read about him!  I also got a book by Temple Grandin – I saw a film about her on the plane and am interested to know more about her.

After we had all chosen our books we went to Western Fresh to do some shopping.  Ruby helped.

For a while I have subscribed to another blog called The Frugal Girl – I am shamelessly pinching her idea of a weekly picture of her shopping and meal planning.  This is mostly for my own organisational reasons but I hope that a few people will be like me and enjoy seeing what other people buy and eat!

This week we will be eating cornflakes, porridge, raisin toast, eggs or yoghurts for breakfast.  Lunch will be cold meat (ham, turkey or sopressa) rolls, fruit, fruit bars for Michael and the kids and leftovers or rolls for me.  Then…

  • Monday – Meatloaf, carrots, broccoli, mashed potatoes
  • Tuesday – Chicken Pizza
  • Wednesday – Homemade burgers and chips
  • Thursday – Sausage Pasta
  • Friday – Cauliflower Cheese Soup with homemade rolls
  • Saturday – Roast Chicken
  • Sunday – French toast

That’s the plan anyway!!

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One Response to Library, shopping and meal planning.

  1. correen says:

    Oh Ruby, we have lots of tears this end too Sarah misses you soooooo much. There is a letter on its way to you as we speak! x

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