Driving, driving and more driving!

Today we were on a mission!  We had a couple of things to do first, including register the kids at school!  We went up at about 10am and handed over all their paperwork, bought some polo shirts and they are all set to start tomorrow morning!  Yay!

We then got into the car and set out to find Michael a new job!  The place he started out at is not really something he’d want to do long-term which is a shame because it is ten minutes from the house but it’s not the sort of work he wants so we had to go out looking for something else.

Thank goodness we bought a Sat Nav because we did seven hours of driving (the hours put in on the aeroplane were very good training!) and all we had to do was program in each address and it told us where to go.  We went to all sorts of places, aviation trimmers (who re-do plane seats), family businesses, big warehouses – we hit them all with CVs and Michael’s charm offensive!

We had taken a packed lunch each so we didn’t even have to stop for that!  We did go into McDonalds for an ice cream and so the kids could have a play in the adjoined park and make use of the bathrooms but apart from that we were in the car all day!  A & R had their DSs and I took the puppy training book and doglopedia that I got at the library and Michael drove all over the city and the surrounding towns!

It went really well and should lead to some new offers but we’ll have to wait and see.

On the way home we popped into the shopping centre to buy the kids some school trousers and skirts.  Well, it seems that girls in Australia must not wear school skirts because we couldn’t get any!  Ruby had to settle for trackies and we’ll get her a school dress when the weather warms up.

After a very long day, we came home and had a quick dinner then it was early beds for everyone.  Big day tomorrow.

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One Response to Driving, driving and more driving!

  1. correen says:

    Thinking of you tomorrow! Hope your first day goes brilliantly, i am sure you will have no problems making new friends!

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