Full as a Pommie complaint box!

^^^Another of my favourite Aussie sayings – very apt for today, more of that in a bit.

I got up this morning after a totally RUBBISH night’s sleep.  There were several factors which contributed to this: 

  • the condensation on the inside of the window was so bad it was dripping onto the window-ledge and making ‘plop’ noises from about 3am.  We must stop breathing while we sleep.
  • Seb phoned Michael’s mobile at about 4am.  Can’t blame the bloke, he is from Poland, living in Edinburgh, phoning Australia, that is too many time zones to take into account!
  • Ruby came through to our room at about 5am and was ‘too scared’ to go back to her own room.  I am over this!  Tonight, if it happens again, she is being booted back to her own bed.  We are very soon going to have a puppy keeping us awake, we don’t need a girl doing the same!

So it was not the greatest start to the day but we got up and got on with it and it got better!

The kids were excited to be going to school again and as Michael had left his work yesterday, we had a day together – Yay!!  The only times we have had just the two of us since we got here have been spent going round Ikea or speaking to the bank manager!  It was our 10th anniversary on 24th June (I know!  We were mere children when we got married!!) and we hadn’t really done anything about it so we planned to go out for a nice lunch together.  Before that, as always, we had a few jobs to do.  Michael popped into town to get his hair cut and I nipped into the sewing shop to see what it was like.  IT WAS HEAVEN!!  They have shelves and shelves and shelves of bolts of fabric, lots of wee tools, bits and bobs – I could have stayed there all day, and spent a fortune too!  I didn’t get out without buying a few things for a secret project.  I will show you when it is done – promise!

We came home and did a few jobs then head out to the restaurant for lunch.  It was AWESOME!!!  I was torn between the braised lamb and the steak sandwich but the steak won.  It was totally delicious and absolutely massive!  A steak, bacon, tomato, salad leaves, fried egg and a slice of cheese on a soft roll with chips and aioli – YUM!!  I really enjoyed it but did spare a thought for my brother who is undertaking a month of vegetarianism as a personal challenge.  Anyone who knows him will know just how unlikely that sounds – but good luck David!  We were both stuffed when we finished but I had seen a passionfruit cheesecake in the dessert fridges and I had to have it!  Sheer gluttony but you are only married for ten years once (or insert any half-baked justification you like here!!).  It was all delicious and led to us both being ‘as full as a pommie complaint box’ – I love that saying, and so true if you have ever read any of the ex-pat forums.  I stopped reading them because they were so negative about Australia.  I felt like typing replies to them all saying ‘Bog off back to Britain then if it’s so bad!’.  No doubt I will moan about something to do with living here but I hope I never lose sight of the reasons we wanted to come here and the brilliant ‘can do’ attitude of the people we have met – so much more inspiring than the cynicism of the UK.

Anyway, tucking my soapbox away for a minute, we left the restaurant quite unable to bend and went to get Michael some new tools for starting his new job.  It was like a school kid getting a new school bag and pencil case (but much more expensive!) so now he is all set.  We also went back to Kmart to get some more household things.  I thought we were all finished with shopping but there were a few things we really needed.  My favourite thing …

I am easily pleased but I really love these scales!  I planned to use them straight away to make some cookies for Linda and Evelyn who are coming round for a cuppa tomorrow morning.

We got the kids from school – another great day for them!  I went to see Alexander’s teacher to see how he was getting on.  She says he is right at the top of the class and she will be pushing him on which is good to know as he is with a lot of younger kids and he is a bit lazy if he’s allowed!  She said he has loads of friends already and everywhere he goes there is a line of kids following him!  Phew!

We got home, the kids chilled out while I made cookies for tomorrow and pizza for the kids’ tea.  Michael and I were still full so the meal I had planned for tonight was bumped!

Alexander started Cubs tonight.  We all went up to the scout hall (we are kind of a ‘buy one get three free’ deal at the moment because I have been the one doing all the contacting so I have to go to meet everyone, M has to drive and the kids have to come with us because we’ve no-one to leave them with!).  We stayed while we filled the required forms in, by which time Alexander was knee deep in a game of dodgy ball (or dodge ball to give it it’s more boring, less Scottish name!) and barely noticed that we were leaving!  When Michael collected him an hour later he was all bubbly and excited and wanted to tell us all about it!  He can’t wait to go back next week!

Early nights again – no complaints here!

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One Response to Full as a Pommie complaint box!

  1. Dad says:

    Glad the kids are settling in so well at school and making lots of new friends. The Gamekeeper’s Secret looks like a great place to eat! Keep the Aussie sayings coming – they are brilliant.

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