Mild racism and blethering

Oooh, a girl stayed in her own bed last night – hurrah!  Michael was up and out early this morning.  He had to go in to meet the people he will be working with so he had set out all his nice clothes the night before – he is not a morning person! 

We all got up and organised once he had left and we had to walk to school for the first time this morning.  We crossed the road with the ever-so-slightly-xenophobic German crossing patrol lady who realised that we were Scottish and told us about the English family who have arrived at the school recently, she was very pleased we were all here in Australia, which was lovely until she added that it was better that the government let in Europeans than more Asians!  I didn’t really know what to say so I just grimaced and crossed the road when she blew her whistle.  I am sure that I could draw a comparison given her country of birth but I’ll just leave the sweeping generalisations to those who have been in the country longer than me!

On the way out of the playground another Mummy asked if we were settling in.  Her son is in Ruby’s class and had told her that we were from Scotland.  I was ridiculously grateful that someone had spoken to me – I almost jumped her!  I do miss my little group of playground mammas and our daily chats!

I came back to the house after waving the kids off (although they never gave me a backwards glance!) and tidied and cleaned a bit more.  Due to the building works going on next door there is loads of mud around and it all seems to make it’s way into my house!

Linda and Evelyn were coming down today for a cuppa so I wanted to have things reasonably tidy!  When they arrived we all sat round the breakfast bar chatting, drinking tea and eating my cookies!  It was lovely to have a chat.  I used to meet my Mum every Monday and Friday (and often another couple of times a week!) for a cup of tea at the North Kirk Cafe and I really miss that – Skype isn’t quite the same but it will do for now!

Michael came home just about lunch time and told them about his new job before they had to leave because Linda was working this afternoon.  His new workshop sounds great and he is really excited to start work on Monday.  It’s lovely to see him so fired up!

I spent the afternoon filling in forms for our second shipment of stuff which has just been collected from my folks’ house.  It was all the stuff we couldn’t fit in our suitcases including summer clothes – I hope they don’t take as long to get here as our furniture has (still not here, left in April) because we have no summer clothes and it is going to be warm before we know it!

We collected the kids from school – another successful day – Alexander is ‘Pupil of the Week’ and has to get up in front of the school at assembly on Monday!  I don’t know quite what he did to deserve this, it’s not just because he’s new because Ruby doesn’t have the same honour, but I am very pleased for him and proud of whatever good thing he has done!!  Ruby had a lesson with the art specialist this afternoon and seems to have really enjoyed this.

We came home and I made dinner which was ready ridiculously early which made the rest of the evening seem really long!  I wrote some letters and listened to the kids doing some reading while Michael read on his own – his early morning was catching up with him but he was determined to stay awake so that he can get a good night’s sleep again tonight.  He is going to be leaving the house every morning at 6am so he needs to get into a good routine or he will be exhausted by lunchtime!

Oh, how could I forget?!  Big news from Park Towers – Ruby has lost her second tooth!  It fell out all of it’s own accord when she was brushing her teeth

That’s about it for today – a bit of a chilled out day compared to recent whirlwinds!  I may even get a chance to get out and about soon to see what Melton has to offer the new immigrant about town!

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One Response to Mild racism and blethering

  1. Vicki says:

    aww Ruby is so cute! She’s really starting to look like you now Laura,
    Hugs to all
    Vicki x

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