More of the same and changes afoot

Today was Michael’s last weekday of freedom for a long time because he starts in the city on Monday.  We started off with the usual school run.  Despite the fact that we have a whole new life here, we have the same morning frustrations of the kids suddenly announcing three minutes before we are due to leave that today is show and tell and could they both please take in pictures of the tree they planted in Scotland to show everyone?  Luckily we had the computer fired up so a quick transfer of files and a print out and they were good to go!  Would it kill them to tell me things in advance?!

Michael and I went out for a coffee this morning – just because we could!  We went in to see the people at Telstra to see what was happening about our phone connection.  ‘Non-existant’ would be the best way to sum up the action they had taken so far.  The forms that had been filled out on our last visit were sitting in a big pile of equally non-actioned applications.  We sat in the shop while the girl processed our form and the upshot is that we may or may not have a phone line but the 18th August – OVER A MONTH AWAY!!!  If there was any other option then we would, of course, have told them to stick it and taken our business elsewhere, but they have a monopoly in this town and so we are stuck with them.

We came home and had some lunch then went back out to school because they were having a uniform sale.  We thought this might be a good opportunity to get some new stuff for the kids – they only have a few pieces each at the moment.  Unfortunately all that was for sale was scuzzy second hand stuff.  I am not against second hand clothes at all, I love a good hand-me-down or charity shop bargain but these were bobbly jumpers and stained dresses, I wouldn’t have used some of them as dusters!  We went to the front office and ordered new uniforms instead.  The secretary asked how the kids are settling in and I told her they were loving it.  She said that she could listen to Ruby talk all day, her accent is so cute!  Her accent is already changing a bit though so I don’t think it will be long before she is speaking much like the rest of the kids.

We left school, popped to the petrol station to fill up the car (there is a 10c fluctuation in the price of petrol every week so it’s best to fill up on a Friday) and then went to the post office to fax some documents to the car insurance people.  Cor, it will be great when we have a day without running about filling in forms!

We went back to school to get the kids and got talking to the English woman who arrived around the same time as we did.  We knew it was her because she had parked her car against the flow of traffic (as Michael had done until he was told it was illegal!) so we stopped to say hello. 

We took the kids up to register at Blockbuster to get a DVD for family film night.  They chose ‘G-Force’ a film about guinea pig secret agents – yes, it was crap!

I made lovely sausages for dinner with a mixed bean salad.  It was really yummy!  Then we all snuggled down to watch the rubbish film.  The kids enjoyed it though, and that’s the whole point!  They got all ready for bed and zonked straight away.  It has been a busy, busy week for them and they are wiped out.

Michael and Alexander have their big footy day tomorrow and I think Ruby and I will go swimming.  Sunday, I am not sure about but I will be back on Monday with some changes to the blog.  From now on I am guessing that a lot of our days are going to be the same because this is our life now, not a holiday, so I am going to have a little bit of structure to it.  

  • Mondays I will answer any questions that people send to me – if you want to ask anything then you can email me at dramango at yahoo dot com.  
  • Wednesday I will update on things I have been making.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I always have several projects on the go at one time.  I usually have something for at home, something long term and something I can carry around in my bag.  I promised the other Mummy’s at swimming lessons (who watch me sew, knit and crochet every week) that I would keep them up to date with what I was making – Wednesday is the day for that!
  • Sunday will be my shopping and meal planning post
  • At the beginning of each month I am going to list some goals – some short term, some long term, some individual and some family and I will report on the success of the goals of the previous month.  We came to Australia to make positive changes to our lives and I think the best way to do that is to plan what you want and how to get it!

On the days in between I will be generally wittering as the mood takes me!

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2 Responses to More of the same and changes afoot

  1. David S says:

    Witter on!

  2. Dad says:

    I agree with DE – keep wittering on!!!!!

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