Footy Day and grocery shopping!

It has been a good weekend!  Yesterday Michael and Alexander went off to Melbourne for their big Footy Day – Alexander’s prize from the McDonalds competition.

Now, boys are not the best at retelling details of the day so you are getting this kind of bad-second-hand but here you go!

Alexander was given a guernsey (the name for an Aussie rules football shirt), a hat, a footy and a drinks bottle – all shamelessly emblazoned with the McD’s logo!

They were taken into the city to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) where they play AFL during the non cricket season.  This is the view of the city skyline that we love so much – it just never gets boring!

Michael and Alexander went into the ‘G for the footy clinic.

The kids all took part in a clinic where they were taught footy skills and went round different stations to practise.

There were A LOT of kids there from all over the country!

When that was finished the kids met some Collingwood players and were allowed to tour the massive gym they use then they went off for some lunch and came back just before the game started.

The statdium was packed – a crowd of about 90,000 apparently!  They had great seats just behind the goal.

Aussie rules is a really tough, fast moving game with regular punch ups and lots of action!  The final score was St Kilda 52 Collingwood 100 – woo hoo!!

They were then bussed back out of the city and came home all fired up!

While they had been gone Ruby and I went to the swimming pool in Melton.  It has a wave pool and a sloped entry into the pool which is good for Ruby because she is a fairly reluctant swimmer, especially if she can’t get her feet to the ground.

After that we went round to Linda’s to watch the game.  I have been doing a ’30 days without sugar’ challenge and sitting in front of Linda’s chocolates tin was tricky but I held my nerve!

On Saturday night, once the kids were in bed, Michael and I watched Aussie classic ‘Castle’ on DVD.  It was really good, I highly recommend it if you ever get a chance to see it.  It is a family based comedy, but that classification makes it sound really lame and it’s not!

Sunday morning started slowly with out last lie in possible for the next while due to the fact that Michael is going to be working loads and Larry will be here next weekend so I doubt we will get much sleep!

Once we were up we decided to go out to St Kilda and sent Jeni a message to see if she, Dave and their friends Claudia and Mike would like to join us.  I knew Claudia from Jeni’s hen weekend and wedding so I would really like to catch up with her.  Luckily, they were just leaving for St Kilda too so we arranged to meet.

We went for a lovely lunch, I don’t think I even paid attention to the name of the place but it was really good – all the waitresses were English though, it was like living in a weird parallel universe!  After leaving there we had our first ice cream from Trampoline!  Do not come to Australia without trying a few of their flavours – they are YUMMY!!!  Even Ruby who will only very occasionally eat a whole ice cream (but always insists on getting one which usually results in me eating hers as well as my own!), she LOVES the ice cream at Trampoline!  The weather was minging.  It was rainy and quite cold so not really ice cream and beach weather.  We did walk down to the beach but then decided that was a silly idea and it would be much better to be home and dry!  We said goodbye and hopefully we will see Claudia and Mike again soon (Dave and Jeni too, but that is pretty much a given I would hope as they are just down the road!)

On our way home we went to Western Fresh and Coles to do the shopping.  I had bought loads of meat last week so didn’t need any for this week.  We are eating loads of fruit which is nice – Ruby will do that whole slice of watermelon by herself for breakfasts this week!!

This week we will be eating yoghurt, eggs, fruit and cereal for breakfast.  Lunches will be cold meat rolls, fruit and veggies.  Main meals as follows

  • Falafel and homemade pitta bread with salad and homemade tzatziki
  • Tuna and bean salad
  • Chicken fajitas
  • Chinese pork
  • Homemade pizzas
  • Cauliflower cheese soup (bumped from last week) with homemade rolls
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches (on homemade bread) and tomato soup

(Can you tell I am back in bread making mode?!)

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4 Responses to Footy Day and grocery shopping!

  1. David says:

    Nice shopping pic! Bonus points for Vegemite.

    The day at MCG looks great. So has Alexander picked out a team? There is a football-football team called Melbourne Heart just starting up this year, Michael could feel right at home.

  2. Gillian Anderson says:

    I love the castle, it’s a classic!!

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