Normal Monday – Aussie style!

Today was Michael’s first day at his new job.  He was up and out before 6am – geez, he must be keen!  He may take a while to practise the ‘getting ready without dropping everything’ thing!  Despite setting everything out last night he managed to trip over everything and his pockets must have emptied at least twice while he tried to put his trousers on!

I dozed off and on until 7.15am and then tried to get up quietly so that I could make the kids’ lunches in peace before the constant chatter of the day started!  I failed!  Ruby heard me and got up with me so I had a little budgie sitting with me in the kitchen tweeting away while I got things organised!

She had her first slice of that huge watermelon for her breakfast – she LOVES it!  She got dressed for school and insisted on wearing a summer dress – the trousers lasted all of four days!

Alexander was not so enthusiastic about getting up but he did and we were all out the door at 8.35am.  We walked to school and I checked with Mrs Stuart in the office what the deal about the ‘pupil of the week’ was – should I come in to see the assembly?  Apparently, yes, I could come back at 2.30pm and watch it all.  Goody!

I went up to the shops near our house to get some cards for making ‘Change of Address’ cards.  While this is only a temporary house for us, we will likely be here for at least six months and it is always nice to get mail 😉

I came home and hung out the washing on our new washing line.  Note the lovely corner of blue sky! It folds down flat against the house on the back terrace – it is not remotely windy here so this is a pretty sensible way to go.  Aaah, there is something so satisfying about hanging out washing and even better because it is (supposedly) the middle of winter.  In Penicuik, there is no way I would hang my washing out before March – at best I would bring it in as wet as it was when it went out, at worst it would be frozen solid – or blown into a neighbour’s garden!

I sorted out some other chores and then set about putting my new scales through their paces!  I made some pitta bread for dinner tonight, some rolls for lunches this week and a loaf to have with our cauliflower cheese soup tomorrow.I LOVE baking bread.  I am not eating it for the next couple of weeks as part of my no sugar for 30 days thing – I am including foods that act like sugar so that is bread, potatoes, pasta etc, but I really enjoy the process of making it so it was a lovely way to pass the morning!  I have never made pitta bread before but they turned out really well and I will definitely do it again!

I also made the falafel for tonight so that I don’t have to spend all evening cooking when the kids and Michael are home.  They smell GREAT! 

I had managed to use pretty much every utensil and piece of cutlery in the house so after a huge dishes session I finally sat down and had some lunch.

I set off to school just after two o’clock to be there in good time for Alexander’s assembly.  When I got to the gym hall there was a performance by a, erm, a kind of rapper and woman type band.  What do you call that?  R ‘n’ B?  They also had a kind of Peter Andre type bloke who ‘sang’ with them.  These were grown ups, singing grown up songs – nothing dodgy but it was a far cry from ‘Colours Of Day’ accompanied on recorder!!  According to the deputy head-mistress, who sidled up to me in something of an embarrassed way to explain, they are a local group who are trying to get a following and they are doing free concerts in the schools for some exposure.  Righto.  Some of the kids were really into it but A and R were halfheartedly clapping along – they prefer Flight of the Conchords!

Alexander was called up and presented with his certificate as ‘Pupil of the Week’.  It was for having a really good first week.  He took it very seriously and was rightly proud of himself. 

We came home and Ruby did her reading for the week (five books done in one night, I think we may still be reading below her level! ;-P) Alexander is yet to get any homework or reading – I may look in to that tomorrow.

Michael got home at about 4.30pm.  He had really enjoyed his first day and the drive wasn’t bad at all either apparently.  He likes all the people he works with and the work itself is interesting and challenging – perfect!

We missed our Sunday trip to the library yesterday because we were gallivanting in the city so we went today instead.  I got some books on Quilting which I want to read up on as we have a quilting shop on the high street and I can see myself spending a lot of time in there.  I went to the fiction section too to see if they had the latest Lee Child (I think he may have been on a special shelf because there wasn’t a single Reacher book there and that is just wrong!) but my eyes were caught by a book called The Quilter’s Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini (very near where Lee Child should have been!).  I picked it up just because I thought I may as well carry on the quilting theme!  I found out later that it was quite an apt choice!

We came home and had dinner – the falafel and pitta bread went down very well with everyone, quite contrary to my expectations!  Alexander has re-named the pitta bread ‘Elf Bread’ I don’t know why but as he is more than happy to scoff the lot and ask for more so he can call it what he wants!

After a dinner I went for a bath and read my book – the story (well, the first three chapters) revolves around a woman who moves to a new area with her husband and she has no job and knows no-one so she takes up quilting!!  Sounds familiar, huh?!  If I continue reading and she gets a puppy this weekend then I will KNOW we have fallen into a weird parallel universe!

In other news today, Alexander quite unexpectedly lost a tooth!

hopefully this might stop the overlap thing he was cultivating!

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6 Responses to Normal Monday – Aussie style!

  1. Tracey Hand says:

    Great update, Laura, and I LOVE the washing line thing. Oh, and I noted the ‘correctly’ hung washing (one washing-hanging obsessive to another!)
    Jake unexpectedly lost a tooth the other week too. Quickly followed by at least 2 more!
    I suppose I can swap them for 1 Euro here rather than £1. Fractionally cheaper for me LOL
    Glad Michael’s first day went well and I hope your sugar-free 30 days are painless!
    Tracey x

    • LOL, I forgot that you had the washing thing too!! Nice to have my work appreciated 🙂 This tooth losing thing is an expensive business now they are both popping them out!
      Hope all is well for the Hands, I am loving your blog too – great way to keep up with ‘real life’!
      L xxx

  2. Yerda says:

    Aye-ye hang out a good washing Mrs Park!!! Great to hear that Michael’s work went well and the commute was ok. Your bread looks yummy. Never tried making pitta bread yet. Glad the kids seem to be adjusting well to life in Oz.Give them hugs from Mimi and Pops. Can’t wait to be there!!!
    Keep blogging.

  3. David S. says:

    I should send you my naan bread recipe for the barbie. When the weather cheers up, that is. Really tasty right off the coals.

    Elf bread is super-filling flat bread. Everyone knows that.

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