Early start and a long walk

Michael left early again this morning – he is going to leave early every day so I don’t need to keep saying that I suppose, but a 5.30am alarm call feels very early!  I didn’t get back to sleep after he left, especially because the cement blokes arrived before 7am to pour the cement into the foundations on the house in the back garden.  Ah well, I will soon have to get up with Michael when Larry is here – only 3 days to go!

We got to school (you can also take for granted that every day the kids will have breakfast and be dressed!) and were about to cross with our ever-so-slighlty-xenophobic German crossing guard when another little boy came to cross too.  He wanted to press the button on the lights (yeah, they still have a crossing guard even though there is a traffic light) but the e-s-s-x G c g said that Ruby could do it because we were there first.  The wee boy wasn’t happy about it but we just walked when the whistle blew.  When we got into the playground he ran up to Ruby and screamed in her ear ‘YOU SUCK LITTLE GIRL’ then ran off.  Ruby was really shocked and burst into tears.  I didn’t see where he went because I was more bothered about Ruby, I don’t know where his mother was but I was furious!  Poor wee Roo said that she didn’t want to go to school today.  The bell rang right then so I gave A his bags and he ran off to class while I took Ruby to her class.  She was still insisting that she didn’t want to go until one of the Mummy helpers took her hand from me and jollied her over to the carpet.  I had to turn and walk away but I felt so bad for her.  She is still so wee and still a little on edge.  If we’d been in Penicuik I would have Elise or Sally or Emma to take her hand while she went in but she doesn’t have anyone like that here yet.

When I left I set off towards the town centre to go and book my learner’s permit test so that I can learn to drive.  It is a fair hike in to the main street but I had nothing else to do!  I got there and booked my test for tomorrow at 10.30am.  I have done a few practise tests online and am passing fine so I am going for it.  For anyone who doesn’t know (there can’t be many!) I have started learning to drive five times but can never see it through because I was terrified of crashing into someone and the fallout that can cause.  Earlier this year I had hypnotherapy with my good friend Julie to rid myself of that fear.  I can safely say that I am NOT afraid of learning to drive now.  I had been finding excuses for years to put it off but now I am ready, willing and able!  I just hope I pass the test!

I wandered back along the high street and went along to the shopping centre to see if I could get any school skirts for Ruby.  She just won’t wear her trousers so it gives her an alternative to her dresses.    I finally found some – not easy to come by here though!

I walked home and just as I was getting near the house I thought it might start raining soon.  As soon as I had that thought the heavens opened and it started chucking it.  I don’t understand the weather here enough yet.  I am used to watching the clouds rolling over the Pentlands and taking that as a sure sign not to put the washing out but there may be an hour or two of smir before it really starts!

Once home I mapped where I had walked – seven miles!  I haven’t walked that long since the Moonwalk!  I have done something to my knee too – it has hurt more as the day has gone on, bah!  I caught up on some emails and had a chat over Facebook with my friend Lorraine who was wondering when we were moving to Australia!  She has been in Morocco though so not surprising she missed our exit! 

I was thinking a bit about my 30 days without sugar thing and decided it wasn’t any fun!  I haven’t noticed any difference in my wellbeing and I have not enjoyed my food so what is the good in that?  There are lots of articles that say that sugar is the root cause of lots of illness and disease and will eventually end in death – well, everything eventually ends in death so I think I will keep the occasional cookie and remember that if you don’t die of one thing, you die of something else!  I will continue taking my tea without sugar – that’s about 5 tsps less every day to start with!

With all this in mind, I baked a cake!  I wanted something nice for the kids when they got home from school.  It didn’t really work out how I wanted (I am no good at cakes!) but it was scoffed anyway!

I also made a big pot of cauliflower cheese soup, but I forgot that our blender is still enjoying a life on the ocean wave and so it was chunky soup which I don’t like so much but hey ho! 

Just before I went to get the kids from school, my neighbour, Linda’s friend, Morag came to the door to ask if I wanted a lift to school to get the kids because the showers have been on and off all day.  It was really kind of her and I was very touched that she had thought of us.  Nice to think there is someone just along the street in an emergency!

Ruby and Alexander came out of school bursting with energy, Ruby’s earlier trauma forgotten – for now at least.  We came home, ate some cake and watch Fantastic Mr Fox (thanks for sending it over Mum!) – a nice way to pass the afternoon!

Michael got home and we had our soup with the bread from yesterday then we all just did our own thing in the evening.  I started cutting fabric for my quilt, Ruby made a collage from the scraps, Alexander was listening to ‘The Hobbit’ in his room and Michael was relaxing after his early start.  His second day went well and he got a very nice gilet and some polo shirts with his new company logo on.  I will try to get a pic of him to show you but as he shies away from the camera at the best of times I can’t promise anything!

Reading with the kids before bed, dishes and tomorrow’s lunches and I was done!

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