Ouch and Woo Hoo!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Wednesday!!  As promised I am going to show you some of the things I am working on.  Firstly, there are some toppers for our ‘Change of Address’ cards that I am sending out this week (drop me an email with your address if you want one – one thing I did not organise before leaving Scotland was an address book!)

Next is a scarf that I am making.  I saw this wool in a craft shop here and had to get it because it is so pretty and very soft!  The texture of the yarn is really varied so it gives the scarf a nice bumpy feel.  All my wool stash is still on the boat so I was having withdrawl from knitting!  This is a really easy pattern that I can take about with me so I can pull out my needles and do a few rows any time I have a chance!

So, on to today’s news.  Ruby was a bit nervous about going across the road at school today after yesterday’s trauma.  Just as we got to the school gate the bell rang so she sort of forgot about it and ran in to class – phew!

I walked up to the town centre again – although our ever-so-slightly-xenophobic German crossing guard offered to give me a lift, it was so kind of her.  Just as when I lived in America, people can’t believe that I like to walk!  My leg was still hurting but I set off straight away after school drop off because today was my (duh, duh duhhhhhhhhh *scary music*) learner’s permit test (or loona’s poomit test in local accent!).  It was a BEAUTIFUL morning and I got up to the high street really early so I sat in the sunshine and read my book.  It was a lovely way to pass the morning.  At 10.30am I was in Vic Roads and not feeling remotely nervous.  I can’t express how much of a difference this was to how I would be feeling six months ago – even discussing the prospect of maybe driving at some point in the distant future was enough to get my heart going and make me start breathing faster!  Now, here I was making positive steps to get my license and to drive IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE and I wasn’t batting an eyelid!  Yay for hypnotherapy and the power of positive thought!

I took the test – a mixture of common sense and highway code – and went back to the desk to find out my result.  I got 100%!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I was really pleased!  When I had done practise tests online I was getting 85+% but never 100%!  I had my photo taken for my permit (make up on and hair washed this morning especially – hence the reason that we only got to school as the bell rang!) and skipped down the street, well, not really, I limped down the street because my knee still hurts – did I mention that already?

I came home, did some tidying and made some lunch then sat down to make my card toppers.  I have been meaning to do it for a few days but have only just got round to it.  I had a nice wee play, I do love doing stuff like that!  Now I just have to print out the cards and get them to the post office – I have a terrible habit of doing stuff like this and then leaving them for so long that there’s no point in sending them out!

After getting the kids we came home, chatting all the way and they went to check out the progress the guys are making with the house out the back.  HUGE progress, it is a recognisable house now – on Monday it was just marked out on the ground!  I will post before and after photos tomorrow if I get a chance.

I made some delish homemade pizzas – if I say so myself.  The bases are so easy and no matter how much I make, there is never any left – Ruby had 5 pieces!!

They are cheap as chips and quick as anything to make – no way we could get takeaway as quickly!  It is times like tonight when I am sure that Michael is glad that we brought my Pampered Chef pizza stone and roller, even though he might not admit it 😉

After tea Michael took Alexander to Cubs and Ruby watched her horrific dvd of The Fairies.  The Fairies are a sickly sweet duo who sing rubbish songs about honesty and parties and stuff like that.  Michael couldn’t contain his scorn, Ruby was enthralled!

We had a letter from Telstra – the phone company – today in some sort of code that alluded to the fact that we may or may not at some point in the future have a phone line.  It gave our customer reference number in the form of a local phone number so we went to get a phone in case this letter was in fact notice that we now had a valid line.  When we later plugged it in we were still none the wiser!  Honestly, how hard can it be to get a phone!

We collected Alexander and Cameron from Cubs, a good time was had by all and then we dropped Cameron home to Linda.  We stopped for a chat with Linda while the kids ran riot in the toy room.   

Michael and I were both jiggered from our early starts so the kids were quickly packed off to bed and we zonked in front of Masterchef.  I hated UK Masterchef but LOVE the Aussie one – everyone in the country is watching, they have even rescheduled the election debate because it was going head to head with the Masterchef final and they realised no-one would watch the debate!!

My leg is really sore tonight, I am hobbling about like an old woman.  I have no idea what I have done to it but I think a wee co-codamol before bed might be in order!

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One Response to Ouch and Woo Hoo!

  1. Yerda says:

    100%!!!!!!Well done you! Now you just have to do the driving. Looking forward to some pizza when we come over.

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