Crazy Hat Day

Alexander had an excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium today so we had to be at school at 8.30am today instead of 9am.  This was a challenge but we made it and it gave Ruby and I extra time to hang around in the playground which is good for her (because she gets to play on the equipment) but not so much for me (because I have got no friends to talk to :-() I stood outside Ruby’s classroom with her and got talking to one of the other Mums.  Today is Crazy Hat Day for the Prep/1 classes.  So that gave me a good starting point for a conversation!  Normally, this would be right up my alley and I would have made Ruby some fabby fruit bowl hat or a dragon or something but my sewing machine is still on the ocean and I have none of my wool or felt stash so I was completely without inspiration!  Luckily, Ruby is a wee creative thinker and came up with an idea of her own – take the knitted beret she already has, feed through some pipe cleaners she already has and on each end tie ribbons she already has – what a girl!!  Both creative and frugal!  The result was spectacular and unique!

A went off on his trip and R eventually went into her class.  By this time I was talking to another Mum who lives quite near us so she gave me a lift home – I was really grateful because my leg still hurts.

I came home and did a bit of tidying, prepared the veg and potatoes for dinner then sat down for a cuppa.  I had to go back to school for the parade at 10.30am.  I set out at quarter past and just as I got to the end of the road, Lorraine, the Mum who gave me the lift home, passed by on her way back to school so gave me a lift back up again 🙂

We saw the Parade of Crazy Hats, the kids were loving it!

It was really nice to see Ruby chatting and laughing with her classmates.  She seems to be settling in pretty well.  It is really hard to tell who are preps and who are grade ones because there seems to be no logic to the height of children in Australia!  There are some teeny grade ones who are towered over by little preppies!

This is Ruby’s class and her teacher, Mrs Dockeary

I walked home (Lorraine was sorry, she had to go and do shopping!) and had some lunch.  I spent the afternoon not doing very much – just sitting resting my leg, watching telly and crocheting.  I went back for the kids in the afternoon.  A had enjoyed a really great day at the Aquarium and spent the entire walk home telling us about the most ENORMOUS shark and the HUGEST octopus and the SPIKIEST crab, I love that there is no grey area with Alexander.  I hope he keeps that excitement and interest in everything (except clothes!) it is such a fantastic quality to have.

We got home and I filled in the forms they brought home from school.  There are always more forms …

I made a really yummy dinner, if I say so myself!  Roast chicken with roast veg and roast potatoes then banana and chocolate chip cake with ice cream

I’m so glad that I am back on the sugar LOL!!

After dinner I phoned a number I had found for a Guide Leader.  When the woman answered the phone I thought she sounded a bit older than I had imagined, then when I asked for the woman I needed by name, it turns out that I was looking for her mother!!  The lady came on the phone and sounded as though she was ANCIENT!  She could barely make out a word I was saying and I had to say everything about 3 words at a time!  She must be game to be running a Brownie Pack, but maybe she is a lot younger than her voice would have me believe!  We’ll see on Tuesday when we go along to meet the pack.

I had a lovely hot bath to try to help my leg a bit and read my book.  While I was in there the kids went to bed so I missed reading with them tonight but we’ll make up for it tomorrow – we are all exhausted from the early starts and tonight is probably the last night of decent sleep we’ll get for a while because Larry comes home tomorrow.

Look at his wee resigned face!  And his wee white tip toes on his back paws!!  There is a serious posibility that I may do a ‘Lenny’ from ‘Of Mice and Men’ on him, he’s so smooshable!!

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5 Responses to Crazy Hat Day

  1. Lana says:

    Oh, Laura — I LOVE reading your daily blogs! I must say that it is clear Ruby is the most feminine of her classmates. Discarding trousers for a skirt shows her legs in a way quite absent from the rest. And how clever on the quick transformation of a hat into a Crazy Hat! The puppy will be much treasured. All my best to you and the fam.

    • Aww, thanks Lana – I am so glad you are enjoying the blog! I went to a place today that I am itching to take you! I just know you will love it! Come and visit us any time you like! L xxx

  2. Yerda says:

    Ruby’s hat was as crazy if not crazier than all the rest. Love it!!! Glad Alexander enjoyed his trip to the aquarium. You’ll soon have pals at the school gates like you had here – you just don’t know most of them yet. Must dash as Yerma comes home tomorrow and I’m tidying/doing laundry/etc

  3. Yerda says:

    Forgot to say: Pic of Ax and Larry is abfab – love and affection in a photo!!!

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