Lovely, lovely day!

Today was Linda’s birthday.  For anyone who doesn’t keep up with our family tree (and I have to say that sometimes I struggle with it!) Linda is my Mum’s cousin.  She came to live with us for a while in Jedburgh when I was about 3 and she was about 15.  Since then we have seen her briefly on her trips to Scotland and she has generously hosted me on two holidays (one aged 18 with my brother and one last year with Michael and the Parklets).  Since our arrival in Australia she (and her family) have been spectacular in their generosity.  Michael and I have regularly commented that we don’t know what we’d have done without them!

Even today on her birthday, Linda’s generosity extended my way.  Her friends Debbie and Nicki had arranged to take her out for lunch and she invited me along.  She even came to pick me up so I could make it on time!

So after dropping the kids at school this morning I jumped into Linda’s car and we whizzed back to her house where Debbie and Nicki were already waiting.  We met, had a cup of tea and then set out for Beaufort where Nicki’s sister-in-law had said there were some really nice craft and nick-nack (or is it knick-knack?) shops.  We drove, and drove, and drove chatting and laughing all the way.  It was really nice to be back in the fun and flow of a group of good friends.

We finally arrived in the wee town and found the old church that had been turned into a gift shop.  The shop sold all sorts of pretty things, candles, kitchen stuff, ornaments, wire sculptures, Christmas giftware, jewellery.  The prices were crazy cheap and I could have walked round and round it all day!  We all found a few things we liked while the shop owner made capuccinos for us all.  We each got a little mint chocolate with our coffees and Nicki pulled out a candle to stick into Linda’s chocolate!  Luckily we were the only people in the shop when we all started a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday to You’!!

We left there and went to a wee place for lunch.  It wasn’t really a restaurant or a cafe – I am not sure what you’d call it but their food was SCRUMMY!  They had sandwiches, baked potatoes, home cooked lasagne and chilli – lots of good stuff!  Linda and I both had the Thai Pumpkin Soup – YUM!!  It was DELICIOUS!  I will be looking for a recipe for that because it was so good!  Afterwards we shared three of the gorgeous looking homemade desserts between us.  Again, I am going to be looking for the recipes for them because they were so good and I would love to try them myself!

After lunch we had to drive straight home so that we could get back in time for all of us to get to school to pick the kids up.  I will definitely be back to Beaufort though, I saw more places I would love to go – a quilting store, some antique shops, more little gift shops.  I can see Mum, Lana and I having a ball there some day!

After getting the kids from school we walked up to the Swim School up the road from our house.  I had popped in the other day to get some information.  The lessons are expensive but the class sizes are capped at 4 children per lesson!  For Ruby this will be FANTASTIC as she is still not very confident in the water.  I paid their lessons up to mid-September and they start next Friday.  Alexander is really excited to get started!

We came home and had a quick snack while waiting for Michael to come home.  We could barely contain our excitement because WE WERE GOING TO GET LARRY!!

Michael had barely set foot in the house when we hustled him back out to the car and we set out for Ballarat to get our one-way-ticket dog!!  We have done everything possible over the last few years to fill the dog shaped hole in our family.  We have walked other people’s dogs, we have fostered dogs, we have looked after dogs while their people go on holiday but we have always had to give them back – not this time.  Larry was coming home with us and he would be our dog for the rest of his life!  Yay!!

We got to the kennel and he came in with us while we chatted to Pam about how he has been doing in the last couple of weeks.  Then we brought him home!  He sat on my knee in the car, snuggled up and went to sleep!He was a bit whiffy from being outside in the puppy run so when he got home we gave him a quick bath – poor boy!  He had some dinner, was loved to within an inch of his life by Ruby and then snuggled up in his basket and went to sleep!

Whether we all make it through the night in one piece remains to be seen but so far this has been a lovely, lovely day!

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3 Responses to Lovely, lovely day!

  1. linda stewart says:

    i`m glad you enjoyed today laura . larry is georgious can`t wait to have a cuddle . he looks like butter wouldn`t melt in his mouth . he doesn`t look like he is going to give you any sleepness nights ….fingers crossed . we`ll babysit him anytime .

  2. Nicola says:

    Larry is amazing! Glad all is going well in Oz! x

  3. David says:

    Linda and Hughie are the best!

    I’m not going to believe that dog isn’t a plush toy if I don’t see a picture of it in motion some time soon.

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