Dog blog and driving

Another reasonable night last night – Larry was only up three times and settled right back to sleep after going out.  Slightly embarrassing when I was out in my pjs when the builders arrived, I thought I was safe as it was before 7am but thankfully he didn’t seem to notice and we had a nice chat about his 12 week old St Bernard while I stood in my jammies waiting for Larry to have a pee!

We took Larry up to school with us.  I am determined to have a well socialised dog so I am taking him everywhere with me and getting him to meet all sorts of people.  He is quiet but fearless just now so it’s the perfect time for him to get lots of different experiences.

I came back and hoped that Larry would have a wee sleep so I could get on with things but he had other plans and skipped round the living room looking for all the world like he was going to have a pee any second!  We played, we went outside, he pee-ed then I swept the floors and mopped and finally Larry went off to bed for a nap.

In the afternoon I put up net at our windows.  We have five enormous windows but two of them face directly on to the pavement and three are clearly visible from the pavement so I don’t like having the blinds open because it makes the house look like a shop!  I don’t put the front blinds up at all so I needed to get the net up so I could get maximum light in the rooms.  Australians seem to have a penchant for flowery net which is not really my bag but the selection of plain-ish stuff was ‘white’ or ‘ivory’ so I got some ivory net and some expanding rod and set about putting it all up.  Of course, Larry ‘helped’ by biting the bottom of the net while I tried to hang it!

We went back up to school a little early because this week Ruby is Student of the Week and I wanted to see her get her certificate.  Her award is because she has done so well at settling in to her new school.  She is so pleased with herself!  I took Larry with me and smuggled him into the back of the assembly hall!  I am sure that wasn’t alive but who could look at his lovely wee face and tell him he couldn’t come in?  He was very quiet and well behaved (more than could be said for the younger kids who came in with the other mothers – coke in a baby bottle *shudder*) and I doubt anyone would even know he was there.

We got home and I made some chinese pork for dinner.  Just as I was dishing up Michael pulled into the drive.  I love that he is home in time for an early dinner.  In the summer that is going to be even more lovely!

When I checked the mailbox today my license had arrived – as had the insurance note saying that I was covered to drive our car.  After dinner we all got into the car and I had my first practise drive.  We just drove around the streets round the house.  Michael was a patient instructor but almost had a heart attack at my taking of a roundabout and then at my ‘Miami Vice’ moment when I ignored a speed bump and went over it at about 25mph – oops!  I wasn’t remotely nervous though and I am looking forward to going out tomorrow.

I went for a bath when we got home to try to get rid of a headache that has been building all day but to no avail so it’s paracetamol, redbush tea and bed for me now – hope Larry will be as good tonight!

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