Housework and Brownies (not the yummy kind!)

Another good night with Larry the wonder dog.  We were all up by six thirty but that had less to do with Larry and more to do with Ruby and her dodgy tum – real or imaginery, I was unconvinced and think maybe she thought Larry and I were having a blast in the living room without her!

We were all super-organised this morning due to our early start so I managed to get a wee chat on facebook with Lynn and Lynne (my two oldest friends!) which was a lovely start to the day (better than say being caught outside by a builder, in my jammies, waiting for a dog to pee!).

I dropped the kids at school and came home, swept the floors, stripped the kid’s beds, put the sheets on to wash and nipped outside with Wonder Dog at regular intervals to try to avoid accidents in the house.  While he still thinks he should be doing his best work in the house (he stands like John Wayne without the horse whining to get IN the house until he can’t bear it any longer and guiltily goes outside!!) he has done really well today.  It didn’t hurt that it was a glorious day so standing out there with him while he worked it out was no chore!

We did a few wee training sessions too so he is almost there with ‘leave it’ and he has ‘sit’ perfected!

While he slept I ran round getting jobs done – it is like having a newborn again!!  I baked some rolls and sorted dinner for tonight – Butter Chicken with rice and peas.

At 1.50pm I got a phone call to say that Ruby was feeling a bit rubbish, could I go and pick her up?  I said I would be there in about 10-15 minutes and set off straight away.  On the way I realised that I would have to bring her back up to get Alexander in an hour – that is one of the big drawbacks of being here with no friends or parents, I had no-one to look after R or grab A for me.  Linda is here of course and I know that if humanly possible she and Hughie would help with whatever they can – they have proved this over and over!  However, she has Cameron coming out at the same time as Alexander so I couldn’t call her today.  Just as well really because Ruby was no more ill than I am!  We got home, she got changed, ate some scrambled eggs and a roll and jam then we went back to get Alexander.  I don’t know what she was up to but I am not worried that she’s going to be up all night!  (Just watch, I will probably be woken up at 2am with Ruby knee deep in puke!)

We came home and wrote some letters to friends in Scotland.  I made up the kids beds and got them to tidy up their mess so I could hoover.

When Michael got home he didn’t even get his foot in the door before we made him turn round and get back in the car to take us up to the Guide Hall to meet the ‘old sounding Brown Owl’.  Now, I have a friend in Penicuik, Julie, whose mother was a Brown Owl.  She had a thriving pack of enthusiastic girls who loved her.  When she got to retirement age the Guiding Authority (or whatever they are called) booted her out, despite a desperate shortage of willing volunteers to take over her post.  When I heard about this, I was horrified, here was a fit, healthy, vibrant woman who was eagerly doing a fantastic and valuable job for no financial gain and she was being told that her services were no longer required simply due to her age – terrible!  All that said, the same rules clearly don’t apply in Australia as I have just met the oldest most ineffectual Brown Owl in the known universe!  She was 80 if she was a day, deaf as a post and with a voice like a strangled kookaburra!  She asked the brownies questions but couldn’t hear their responses so just looked at them in a non-commital sort of way then moved on so the girls had no idea if what they had replied was right or wrong!  The brownie pack ranged in age from 8 to about 12 – no-one near Ruby’s age and no Rainbow equivalent group in the area.  There were two other guiders, one who said nothing the whole hour that I was there and another who, during a game of ‘World Camp’ said that one brownie couldn’t have ‘France’ as their country because France isn’t a country.  I am really disappointed.  I know how much Ruby loved Rainbows in Penicuik and I had hoped that I would find something remotely similar.  I was also hoping to volunteer myself as a leader in a bid to meet more people and get out some more.  Back to the drawing board …

We got home, had the butter chicken (which was scrummy), did the kids’ reading with them (A has been moved to level 22, from level 7!!) and then packed them off to bed.

More to-ing and fro-ing to the garden with Wonder Dog who seems to be getting the point of going outside then it’s off to bed for me!

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4 Responses to Housework and Brownies (not the yummy kind!)

  1. DS says:

    France isn’t a country? Blimey. What on earth did she think France was?

    Good to briefly video chat with you and see Larry. Sorry the skype session spazzed.

  2. Yerda says:

    Glad to hear Larry P is learning to pee outside! Makes life much better. Clever puppy.

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