Out with a friend and cutest pic ever!

Hurrah!! Larry slept all night long!!  I let him out just before bed at 10.30am and he didn’t stir again until Michael’s alarm went off at 5.45am!  It must have been this incredibly comfortable position he was sleeping in …

We went up to school and Karen, a recent immigrant from England, and I had arranged to go out for coffee.  I had Larry with me (because he hadn’t done all he needed to by the time we had to leave for school!) so we dropped him back at the house and then took off.  We went to Water Gardens, a big mall about twenty minutes down the road.  We went round the shops and blethered then had a coffee and carried on round the rest of the shops.  I didn’t buy much, I am so over shopping!  I did get a raggy bone for Larry and a game of PictionAussie (like Pictionary but with all Aussie words!) I thought it would be a laugh to play when Jeni and Dave come to visit from the city and when my folks are here later in the year.

Before I knew it, we had been away for over three hours.  We have never left Larry that long so I told Karen that I’d have to be getting back.  We nipped in to her house first so I could see her puppy, Misty.  She is a TEENY Jack Russell puppy.  She is nine weeks but she could fit in the palm of your hand!  V cute!

I was a bit nervous when I opened the door and I felt terrible that Larry had been by himself for almost four hours.  All seemed well in the living room, no puddles but no dog either.  I thought I had shut the hall door but it was open – oops, would there be carnage in the bedroom?  Nope, no puppy in the bedroom either.  The kids doors were both shut so I looked in the bathroom and there he was curled up on the pyjamas that I hadn’t had time to put away this morning – awwwww, wee sweetie!

I said goodbye to Karen and then played with the Wonder Dog, fed him lunch and generally made a big fuss of him until it was time to go and get the kids!  I managed to squeeze in sweeping and mopping the floors by throwing the ball for him to chase while I did it!

Ruby had arranged with her teacher for me to take Larry in to her class so her friends could all see him.  After the workout he had just had he was exhausted so they saw a very sleepy puppy and by the time we had got to the bit where they got to pat him he was fast asleep! 

We got home and the kids made some pirate maps (and lots of associated mess) until it was dinner time.  I made homemade pizzas again – it’s becoming a wednesday night thing because Alexander has to get out to Cubs and they are quick and easy.

I got a text from Linda to say that Cameron wouldn’t be going to Cubs because he has pulled a muscle in his neck – poor wee soul – hope he’s ok!  Michael got home and whizzed A up to the Scout Hall.  I stayed home and gave Larry a bath – he was still a bit pongy from when we got him but I didn’t want to traumatise him too much in the first few days.  As it was he was really good and doesn’t seem to freak out at much – I dried him with the hairdryer and he barely batted an eyelid!

After last night’s brownie disappointment, I found another contact number for a pack of Blossom Guides (for girls aged 5-8) in Bacchus Marsh – a town about 15 minutes away.  I phoned to find out when the meetings were.  If they were before 5.30pm then we couldn’t do it as M wouldn’t be home from work in time to get R there.  I called the number and hoped that the leader would be under a hundred years old!  She was!  She was really lovely, we had a good chat about the group which meets at 6pm – yay!  It is on Tuesdays so we will go down there next week and see how that is – I am much more optimistic about this group though!

A had a good time at Cubs – no details but I am sure they’ll come out tomorrow, he is at his most chatty in the morning!

Before I go, how cute is this…

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5 Responses to Out with a friend and cutest pic ever!

  1. Lana says:

    Laura, your children are adorable — but this puppy is coming in at a close 3rd. Darling!

  2. Yerda says:

    Cutest dog ever!!!!!

  3. Karen says:

    Wot a cutie! Larry ain’t bad either… lol…
    must do that shopping thing again… well good fun!
    AND with a local girl!!! well more local than some!…
    Hugs K xxx

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