Library and muppetry

Up this morning at 6am when Golden Boy (fluffy one) decided that if Michael was up then he was going to be too.  Not an unreasonable time really considering we were all in bed at 10pm.

After I had dropped the kids at school I brought Larry home, popped him into his bed and then walked up to the library.  I got an email that a book I had ordered was in and I wanted to pick it up – also I had found a flyer that there was a knitting group and I wanted to check it out on the off chance that there may be someone under the age of 70 there!  There wasn’t.  I went in anyway and sat having a very nice chat with the ladies while I started yet another new project!  It was funny hearing people talking about Melton as the town they have lived in for 60+ years!  I move 10,505 miles and still people say things like ‘Oh, you lived in ********, do you know the Gillespies?’, ‘Yes, I went to school with Moira Gillespie.’, ‘Moira Gillespie is my sister in law.’ and so on!  It was strangely comforting!

A couple of Vietnamese women came in, probably about my age but with very limited English.  One of them had knitted a big rectangle that she wanted to make into a baby cardigan and had brought it along because she couldn’t work out how to put sleeves on it.  We all tried to explain how it would be so much easier if she followed a pattern but she wasn’t having it!

I walked home and hoped that Larry had been a good boy while I was out – he had!  He was lying all snuggled up and being wonderful even though I had been out for about three hours.  I am really glad because I would hate to think I was tied to the house so after just a week I think three hours is pretty good!

I played with his lordship, we had lunch and then played some more.  While he had a wee rest I swept and mopped the floors – yet again!!  Our driveway is covered in red crushed rock and every time we walk from the car to the front door we drag loads of it with us and it makes big dirty marks all over the floor and red grit tracked through the house even though we have a strict ‘NO SHOES’ policy (slightly relaxed for me because I need to dash out with the dog at a second’s notice!)  I don’t know if it will be better when the weather is better but I really hope so – this is too much mopping for one girl!!

I was just about to leave to get the kids from school when the mail arrived including a sling for Larry!!  My business in Scotland is still going thanks to Michaela and so I asked her to send me a sling to carry him in!!  I know it is nutty but I want to socialise him as much as possible before he gets his jags in a couple of weeks and I just don’t have enough hands to carry two schoolbags, two lunch bags, help two kids across the road and carry an ever increasing puppy!  I popped him in and like most babies – he fell straight to sleep!

We came home and I realised that in my haste I had shut the door behind me and it had locked us out – bugger – what a muppet!  It was three thirty and we weren’t expecting Michael for another hour!  We did reading homework al fresco, inspected the newest building work in the back garden and the kids did their best to cover their school uniforms in as much red crushed rock as possible!  Just then our neighbour came home.  I met her briefly the other day, I can’t remember if I mentioned it here.  She breeds cocker spaniel puppies – hee hee!  Only black ones though.  Anyway, she invited us in for a cuppa while we waited for Michael and we gratefully took her up on it, even more so when we realised that her five year old grand-daughter, Olivia, was there to visit – Ruby was delighted and they hit it off straight away, bonding over their love of puppies!  We went in and I discovered that Dorothy was originally from Ayrshire (moved here when she was seven), she has a daughter called Laura, a son called Michael, a brother called Alexander!!  How is that for a string of coincidences?

Michael got home and we thanked Dorothy for rescuing us and then popped up to the pet shop to get a grown up dog bed for Larry.  Michael thinks that he will stay in it over night – I am not convinced and reckon we will be fashioning walls for it out of cardboard for a while yet!

We came home, had some dinner and then the kids went to bed.  I swept the floors again – grrr – and did some washing then settled down to watch a documentary about the ‘Australian Dream’ of immigrants buying homes.  It was very interesting and just brought it home to me how easy we have had it – we haven’t bought a home yet, but we have walked into this great life and all we’ve had to do is wait five years and fill in some forms!

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One Response to Library and muppetry

  1. Tracey says:

    SOME forms? Hehe. I bet that’s a gross understatement! LOL

    I can sympathise with the perpetual sweeping and mopping. Almost daily beach trips have the same effect with constant sand on the floors. Small price to pay though, eh?

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