Early start and swimming lessons

Well, Larry proved me wrong last night by sleeping all night in his big boys bed without a problem – no puddles, no attempts at joining us on the bed – he is a good, good boy!

The day started VERY early, about 4.30am when Michael got up – I thought he was just going to the loo but the next thing I knew he was driving away in the car.  I couldn’t work out why he was going so early but thought he must have a reason so tried to go back to sleep.  Twenty minutes later he came back and sheepishly admitted that he had thought he had slept in when he had in fact left over an hour early!  He had a cuppa and then set off again.  Poor thing, as if he isn’t leaving early enough!

I dropped the kids off at school and then brought Larry home, swept the floors *sigh*, did the breakfast dishes and hung some washing out to dry.  Then Linda came round and we went out for a coffee and a blether.  She had Cameron with her because his neck is still sore and he’s off school – he was doing 360s on the couch and landed on his neck, that’s what’ll happen!  We went to Bacchus Marsh and met Christine for a coffee.  It was lovely sitting in the sunshine having a chat and a laugh.  When we were finished there we went to a wholesale food place.  Cameron and I marvelled over the huge boxes of hundreds and thousands, the massive bottles of ice cream sauce, the massive vats of vegemite!  It would be a great place if you were having a party so I must keep it in mind!

Bacchus Marsh is a nice wee town.  Charlottte’s Web was filmed here a few years ago and it is known as the Orchard country because they grow LOADS of apples there.  It is all very bare just now because it’s winter but I am looking forward to seeing it in summer.

We came back to our house and got Larry.  He was a very good boy again – he is absolutely fine being left for 3-4 hours at a time.  We took him with us along the road to see Morag, Linda’s Scottish friend.  We stopped in there for a while having a cup of tea and a chat (oh it’s a hard life!).  Larry just lay on my knee being gorgeous and floppy and no trouble at all.

We left there and Linda dropped me at school to get the kids.  I went in to see Alexander’s teacher because he has been saying that the work he was getting was too easy.  She said that it may well be but he isn’t finishing it so he’ll have to finish his work and then she’ll be happy to give him harder stuff.  Fair enough!  She also said that she meant to ask me about his religious education.  It is an ‘opt in’ part of their curriculum.  I asked if it was education or instruction and she wasn’t sure what the difference was.  I asked if they studied all religions and she said no, just Christianity.  This makes me uneasy.  I think someone’s choice of religion should always be an informed decision, not just a default.  If not involved in the RE lesson (only about half the class have opted for it) then the kids do reading.  This is what Alexander will be doing and we will continue to learn about different religions and cultures at home. 

We came home and I prepared dinner to a point before we went out to swimming.  The swimming pool is just up the road but we had to nip up the road for swimming towels as we only have a few bathroom towels in the house (must get more!).  The kids went into the pool and met their instructor, a chap called David.  There were only three people in the class, A, R and another girl.  They were all at very different levels but David gave them all individual attention with different activities for their abilities.  He had Alexander doing lengths of front crawl and really honing his skills and perfecting his breathing and technique.  Ruby is not nearly as confident in the water so he was pulling her up the pool getting her to blow bubbles in the water.  Like me, she hates getting her face wet!  If she could swim vertically she would be delighted!  They were both pushed to the outer limits of their comfort zone and there were a couple of wobbly lips but just as they were about to go David would say something funny or jolly them along somehow before moving on to the next person and letting them regroup for a few minutes – it was very slick!  They both came out of the pool really pleased with themselves, excited about going back next week and EXHAUSTED!

We nipped round to Linda’s to drop off a coat that Cameron needs to borrow for a weekend away to Sydney to see Glasgow Rangers play Blackburn Rovers!

At home we had dinner and the kids went off to bed – both asleep VERY quickly!  Then Michael and I sat down with a Jack Daniels and Coke and a bar of Cherry Ripe and looked forward to the weekend!

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