Back to Bacchus Marsh

Michael has decided that we should continue to get up early at the weekends rather than have a lie in.  I am not in favour of this plan long term.  At the moment I am getting up early with Larry anyway but in time I would like to slope off back to bed until the dizzy heights of 9am!!  Mr P is of the opinion that we should all be up and about by 7.30am.  I wonder how long this will last.

We were all up early this morning though.  Then I went back to bed until 8am while Michael talked to his Dad on Skype.  Alexander was invited to a birthday party today so M took him up the street to get a haircut and a birthday persent (the haircut was for A, the present for the birthday boy, just incase there was any confusion as to why we would buy a child a haircut for their birthday!).  They both came back with matching crew cuts and look very smart.  It’s probably a good move for A too as we had a letter home saying that there are nits in the school (in Ruby’s grade in particular) and I would freak right out if either of them came home with beasties!!  Ruby’s hair has been tightly pulled into plaits since we got the note!  *shudder*

We had pancake egg rolls for brunch and then took A to the party at the local play centre.  After we dropped him off we took R to McDonalds for an ice cream and then went to the shops to see if we could get a popcorn machine.  All the popcorn here is salted and M and the kids prefer sweet.  Actually, pretty much everything here is salted – Stroke is the second biggest killer in Australia with 53,000 people being affected every year and I can totally see why!  They heap salt on everything!

We couldn’t find a popcorn machine so we’ll have to keep looking.  I went to the local beauty place and got my eyebrows and lip waxed.  Holy moly the girl was brutal!  Very good but ouch!  I love getting my eyebrows done though and always think ‘why don’t I get this done more regularly?’ when I go!  I used to hate my dark eyebrows but when they are neat and organised I am glad of them!

We picked Alexander up (he’d had a very good time) and went back to the house to collect Larry.  We drove to Bacchus Marsh just for a jaunt.  We went to a park there and let the kids have a run about.  Larry isn’t allowed down where other dogs have been until he has his jags but he had fun anyway!Michael did his best to get onto ‘You’ve been framed’ by playing on all the park equipment with the kids. 

Note the short sleeves and crocs – this is the kind of winter I can deal with!

And of course, monkey see, monkey do!

We came home via a little fruit shop at the side of the road where we bought some water and turkish delight and the kids got a free apple each – nice!  We stopped into Blockbuster to get a DVD for Family Film Night – the kids chose Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief.  We got home and watched the footy (Collingwood 105 vs Carlton 57 – I think we’ve backed the right team!!) but halfway through I went for a lie down.  Michael’s early morning regime had taken it out of me!!  What can I say?  I need a lot of sleep!

I got up and made dinner – a highly unsuccessful prawn fried rice.  I thought it was very nice but M didn’t like the prawns (big, juicy, lovely ones!), Ruby didn’t like the onions and yellow peppers and Alexander didn’t like the rice or egg – fussy gits!  I liked it all!

The kids got into their jammies, Michael went to the grog shop (off-license) and bought me some Baileys while I did the dishes.  We all settled down and watched the film – it was ok, I won’t be remotely surprised if the kids wake up with monster-related nightmares as it is all about Greek mythology and the characters involved in that. 

We finished off the day by watching the post-mortem on the day’s footy (what has happened to us?!!) and blogging with a little ‘help’

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4 Responses to Back to Bacchus Marsh

  1. JacqW says:

    ” Larry isn’t allowed down where other dogs have been until he has his jags but he had fun anyway!”

    Is ‘jags’ a Scottish term? I have this vision of him owning a whole fleet of luxury cars. Lol!

    • LOL, yes, I guess it must be! Actually, while you are there, is it normal for puppies to have really sleepy days? He was barely awake yesterday! Everything else normal (eating, pooing etc) so I assume that it is ok?

  2. David says:

    I have a matching haircut (w/M&A, not Ruby’s nit-proof braids) because it is too bloody hot here.

    Nice winter if you can not only see the park to go play in it, but also won’t stick to the equipment when you sit on it!

    I’m trying out recipes from your veg. list this weekend. I could fair go some prawns 😦

  3. Tracey says:

    Oh Laura, I remember so well the ‘salt on everything’ thing! It’s terrible, when you’re not used to it, isn’t it?
    Lovely piccie of Larry and loving the ‘tshirt and crocs’ winter!
    We are hoping for those too 🙂

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