Irrationality Day

Today started well.  Michael continued on his getting up early thing while I stayed in bed until 9am – everyone is happy!  We pottered around this morning, I swept floors while Michael got ready and then he hoovered for AN ETERNITY.  Michael loves to hoover.  He will say he doesn’t that it just needs doing but really he loves it.  He does the whole house with the wee pointy nozzle bit and sucks up each crumb or speck of dust individually.  I appreciate it for about twenty minutes and then the noise drives me insane for the next hour! 

I had a look at some information online about university courses.  I know I want to do something but I am not 100% sure what I want to do!  I would love to go into nursing, more specifically midwifery but it seems so daunting in terms of time commitment (while not earning) and money.  The kids are still really wee and have had enough changes in the last six months and I don’t feel great about not being with them very much but I know I want to do something and I am not getting any younger to be looking into a lengthy course starting from scratch!  I am getting frustrated about my own apparent inaction but don’t know how to get out of it without jeopardising everyone else.  Hmm, something to be mulled over but it put me in a narky mood.

We had a Cub Scout Family Day today so we had to get up to that at some time.  We went up at about midday because there was a sausage sizzle and that would double as lunch!  It was a reasonable sort of a day so I threw some washing on the line before we left and then we were off.  The family day was held in a really nice park just up past Linda’s house.  There are municipal barbeques there.  I love the idea that you can just rock up with your burgers and there is a BBQ there for you to use for free and it is not vandalised or broken.  It is there, clean and ready to use!  We met some of the other Cubs and Joeys parents – the kids were all off playing in the bushes.  Every now and then one would run past shouting that they had a sniper rifle – I think Alexander my have instigated this!  We had a few very nice sausages, some cakes and sweeties and then the heavens opened and it absolutely tipped it down!  Thankfully, being Scouts they had come prepared and there were tents pitched for us to take refuge in.  So much for getting my washing dry though! 

After a while we brought Larry back to the house so that we could do our usual Sunday library and shopping trip.  We were due to leave and Larry was looking very much like he needed to go to the loo.  He is still insistant that he should be doing his best work in the house and will stand and scream at the door to be allowed in to crap on the floor.  No way bucko!  I have been standing outside with him while he sits down outside the door because he is too desperate to stand up!  Hopefully it will click with him at some point in the not too distant future.  Anyway, I didn’t want to leave before he had done it because I knew what we’d be coming home to.  The rest of the family got very vocally impatient though and so it was decided that we would just leave despite my insistance that if they would just stop distracting him then he would go!  We went to the library and the shops then came back and yes, indeed, there were several little presents waiting for us.  Just what I needed!  We ditched the shopping bags, grabbed the kitchen roll and cleaned up, in the process dragging loads of the teeny red stones in from outside so there followed yet more sweeping and mopping!

I put all the shopping away and was becoming more irrational by the minute.  I get like that some days and I just need to get away and not have anyone bother me for a while!  So I went to have my bath while Michael cobbled together some dinner for the kids – we were all still pretty full from the sausages so it wasn’t a big meal!

I got out of the bath much calmer and more relaxed.  We spoke to Mum and Dad for a while on Skype which was lovely and then did dishes and got lunches ready for tomorrow before typing up my blog.  Just as I was about to go to bed, Larry got a burst of energy and started tearing round the living room so I played with him for a while (for ‘played with him’ read ‘fished things he’s not supposed to be chewing out of his mouth’!)

Meals this week will be

  • Breaded fish
  • Meatballs and pasta
  • Kangaroo sausages (yes, really – super cheap and meant to be like steak – I’ll let you know!)
  • Chilli (didn’t have it last week)
  • Cherry tomato pasta
  • Homemade pizzas

I’ll be back tomorrow with our goals for the month!

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2 Responses to Irrationality Day

  1. David says:

    Have you tried newspaper transferring with Larry or is it too late for that now?

    • Too late I think – I have spent 10 days telling him NOT to go inside I think it may be a bit confusing to tell him to go for it! He is doing very well – just need to get it into his head that he can go ANYWHERE outside but NOWHERE indoors!!

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