Pancakes and Blossom Guides

I was up early again this morning.  I quite like my hour to myself in the morning and as we are going to bed pretty early it doesn’t seem too horrendous.  I may actually start doing my blog then rather than in the evenings because it seems a bit of a shame to spend an hour on the computer when I could be spending time with Michael (who am I kidding, if I wasn’t on here, he would be!!).  Still, I may change to doing it then anyway.

Larry has settled right in to sleeping all night so I am going to start edging his bed away from us.  If I do it 10cms at a time he won’t notice!  I don’t mind him in the room with us as he is never any bother and doesn’t even attempt to get on the bed (his bum would be out the window if he tried it!!)

As I was all organised by the time the kids got up I made pancakes for breakfast.  I always remember pancakes for breakfast as a huge treat but I make them quite regularly so A & R don’t have the same need to gorge themselves as David and I did!!  I was inspired to make the pancakes after reading David’s blog and reading about him using ‘Batter Blaster’ – a ready mixed pancake batter in a can, kind of like a skooshy cream tin.  Seriously David?  That can’t be good!!  Pancakes have milk and egg in them, milk and egg can’t be kept in a can on a shelf and milk and egg substitutes are always rubbish!  I use Jamie Oliver’s pancake equation – one mug of flour (I use Self Raising for puffier pancakes), one mug of milk and one egg.  It doesn’t get simpler than that but they are always perfect!  Today I even chucked in some chocolate chips because I am kind of crazy like that 😉

Once the kids were at school I came back, swept and mopped and then knitted some more.  I am working on a project for my friend Seonaid’s birthday.  She lives in Germany and her birthday is less than two weeks away so I need to get moving!!

I checked if our phone was working – it is!!  Woo hoo!!!  We have a phone!!  I called Linda to catch up with her – just because I can!

I did a little training with Larry after lunch.  He has ‘sit’ pretty well so we are working on ‘leave it’ and ‘lie down’.  He is so excited about getting the treat that he is a bit skittish to do what I am trying to get him to do but he will get there!  Michaela sent me some really interesting dog training step-by-step guides so I am going to follow some of those.  I love getting dogs to do tricks and even more, I love dogs who do as they are told!

In the afternoon I made some address labels.  I am pretty chuffed with them, they have a wee picture of a kangaroo holding an Aussie flag LOL!  I figured while it is still a novelty that we are here I should flaunt it!!  I also finished the change of address cards I started making a couple of weeks ago – didn’t I say they would sit for ages before I got them finished!!  I still have to get them into envelopes and send them – we could have moved house by then!!

I went to get the kids from school and then came home and Alexander did a yo-yo show for Ruby and I while I made dinner.  I think it was pretty much word for word the show that they saw on Friday.  He was so funny!  His yo-yo skills leave a lot to be desired but he is very enthusiastic (enthusiasm and a weight on a string is not necessarily a good combo!)

We had a quick dinner and then we set out for Ruby’s Blossom guides.  It was a TOTALLY different experience to last week!  The two leaders are lovely, very focussed on the girls and engaged in fun and interesting activities.  They asked Ruby all about Rainbows in Penicuik.  The wee girls there were lovely and all around Ruby’s age.  She had a great time and the hour and a half flew by.  I checked with Ruby at the end that she was happy to stay in this group and then I approached the leaders about becoming a leader myself.  They almost hugged me!!  As with every kind of kids activity the world over, volunteers are very hard to come by!  I have a few hoops to jump through and red tape to get through but it is all very do-able.  The leaders tried to convince us to move to Bacchus Marsh.  It does seem like a nice wee town, smaller than Melton and with less in the way of facilities but it’s just 10 minutes down the road…

It was way past the kids’ bedtime when we got back so they had an icy pole and then got a hot water bottle and went to bed (I know – makes no sense to me either, icy poles are only to be consumed while sitting round a paddling pool in 30 degree weather!).

More positive news – Larry only had one accident today but ‘told’ me he needed out twice by going and whining at the door.  What a genius!

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One Response to Pancakes and Blossom Guides

  1. David says:

    I don’t keep milk *dryboak* in the house if can help it, so Jamie Oliver’s excessively complicated recipe isn’t going to work for me.

    Honestly: Batter Blaster. All organic ingredients… somehow.

    Shake, skoosh, flip, eat. Easy peasy.

    P.S. You should go to the Bluefire grill! Scout it out!

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