Vets and see creechrs

So here I am for my first early morning blog post (it is currently 6.16am).  One thing I hadn’t really considered for writing at this hour was my mood at this time in the morning (not helped by the fact that already I know this is not going to be our first puddle free day because despite being let outside, Larry has just gone on the doormat!) so if there is a negative slant on today’s post then that is why!!

After Michael left for work I took advantage of our new phone line to phone my Mum, I had phoned my parents last night and had a lovely chat to Dad but Mum was out gallivanting with my Auntie and Godmother so I didn’t catch her.  It was great to speak to them both.  We have been skyping which is great because you get to see the person too but it is a bit tricky because conversation is a bit stilted due to the delay on our pants internet connection (just a month to wait for that one, thanks Telstra!!).  I am used to speaking to my parents pretty much everyday, sometimes several times a day so cutting back to once a week was pretty tricky!  Now we have the phone though so I can call whenever I want (well, between 7pm and 9.30pm or 6am and 7am because of time differences and sleep requirements!!).

I dropped the kids at school and came home for the usual sweeping/mopping/dishes extravaganza!  Larry had his appintment at the vets today to get his vaccinations and Linda had said that she would take us up to save me humphing our ever-growing puppy up the road.  She was here in plenty time and we whizzed up the road to the clinic.  The vet, Peter, picked up on my accent straight away (no flies on him!) and told me of his own 3/4 Scottish heritage and a very entertaining time he spent in Dundee as a young vet!  He could talk the hind legs off a donkey (though surely that would be against some vets oath) and explained all the stuff we were giving to Larry – one in the neck and one up his nose was what it boiled down to and he is protected against the six main dog diseases.  I also asked for him to be microchipped so he got that in the neck too.  He didn’t like any of it but the only time he yelped was when he tried to nip Peter and Peter ‘bit’ him back by pinching the back of his neck.  He advised us to do the same any time Larry’s teeth press our skin – not in a puppy abuse kind of way but just in the way that his mother and siblings would have done had he stayed with the litter.  We brought him home, popped him into his bed and then went out for a cuppa. 

On my return I made some lunch and then finished Seons’ birthday present and did a bit more work on the change of address cards.  Larry and I played a bit, did a bit of training (he’s not the brightest bulb in the box) and went in and out to the garden a fair bit. 

When it was time to get the kids it was absolutely pouring so I stuck Larry under my raincoat and walked up to school with him sticking his wee nose out.  Ruby hadn’t taken a coat this morning but thankfully I remembered before I left the house and took it with me.  We dashed home and came in to dry off, spreading lots of muddy red dust and stones as we went, totally undoing my sweeping/mopping efforts – ho hum!

We had our usual Wednesday dinner of homemade pizzas before Alexander had to go out to Cubs.  While he was gone I went for a bath and Ruby made some sea creature flashcards.  They are doing a big project on the sea at school and she has to do a presentation.  I came out of the bathroom and she showed me her work, four cards with lovely pictures of a starfish, turtle, angel fish and shark and a little bit of information about each

The spelling is a little off-piste but I was so impressed with her doing it all of her own accord!  I wasn’t sure whether I should make her redo it all with proper spelling (which would be a shame because she’d worked for about an hour on them) or whether to let her take them in as they are and hope her teacher appreciates the effort that went into them.  So I did what any modern mother would do – I asked for opinions on facebook!  The consensus was to send in as is.  I will do some other stuff with her for her project and I did tell her that the spelling was a bit wonky but mostly I told her how impressed I was at the work she had done on her own.

Alexander came home after another fun session at Cubs and it was straight to bed for both of them.  They both have big black bags under their eyes and really need to catch up on some sleep.  Alexander protests about this because to him, bedtime is 7.30pm and not a minute before.  Ruby is more sensible and will take herself off to bed early if she is tired.  The problem is that they are getting up earlier because of the arrival of the workmen at 6.50am so they are on the go non-stop from then and really they need 12 hours of sleep (so do I but going to bed before them would probably be bad form!).

Michael and I vegged out in the evening.  I finished my change of address cards so they should be going out tomorrow.  We watched ‘Lie to Me’ which I remember was on in the UK but we never watched it – compared to the rest of the drivel that is on, it’s not bad – LOL, glowing praise huh?!

9.30pm bedtime and the day was done.

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4 Responses to Vets and see creechrs

  1. JacqW says:

    ‘dayndrist’ should be declared a word, surely???
    Those are totally fab 🙂

  2. Yerda says:

    Wow! Ruby’s observations are great! At her age the spelling is not as important as the content. Phones and Skype are fine but we do miss all the Parks! Counting down to November.

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