Job-hunting and Coconut and Berry Loaf

Ok, so despite my instinctual reluctance, this getting up hideously early thing does make me more productive – I had loads done by the time we left for school.  Sadly, this ‘loads’ didn’t involve breakfast dishes which was a bit bad when Karen came back to ours for a coffee after dropping the kids off!  Never mind, a quick tidy up while she was out in the garden with her new puppy, Misty, and all was well.  Misty is a Jack Russell puppy just a few days older than the Golden Boy.  The two of them set about pasting each other with great enthusiasm.  Larry has about 2kg on Misty so he lay down on her then she bit him with her teeny, tiny, razor sharp teeth – repeat ad nauseum! 

After they had left Larry pretty much slept all day!  We must get her round more often!  I did my usual housework stuff and then caught up on lots of things we needed to get sorted, chasing the deposit from the old flat for example!  It seems like an eternity since we were in Jackson Street and several lifetimes ago since we were in Windsor Drive and actually owned our own home!  I do miss having our own house, although both rental places have been great, I am really looking forward to buying our own place.  I am only going to be leaving it in a box though – I hate moving house!!

In the afternoon I applied for a few jobs locally.  Nothing too exciting but just some wee part-time positions that would get me out of the house meeting people and earning a bit more for our deposit.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  It is not great that I haven’t been in the outside workplace for nine years.  Although in that time I have started a business that has kept us in jelly and ice cream, it’s not as quantifiable as if I had been working outside the home.

After a couple of hours of typing and looking at the screen I needed a break so I looked up some recipes to use up some of the frozen berries I got when Linda and I went to Bacchus Marsh.  I found what looked like a yummy Coconut and Berry Loaf!

  • 150g Self Raising flour
  • 150g Plain flour
  • 275g Caster sugar
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 180ml milk
  • 35g coconut
  • 125g butter, melted
  • 100g frozen berries

Heat the oven to 180 c.  Combine flours and sugar in a big bowl, stir through eggs and milk, stir in coconut and butter, combine well.  Pour 1/3 of mixture into greased loaf tin, sprinkle over 1/2 of the berries, pour another 1/3 of mixture over berries, scatter the remaining berries on top, finish with final 1/3 mixture.  Back for 1h 20m or until skewer comes out clean.

I am not a good cake baker, for whatever reason they always go wrong but loaves are a different story!  This was AWESOME!!  Thankfully it was ready just before dinner because otherwise I am not sure it would have all made it to the table!  The only problem was getting this out ot the tin.  I did grease it as directed but I think if I was doing it again I would line the tin too.  It didn’t bother me this time because the loaf was just to be served with ice cream.

Before putting the loaf in the oven I went to get the kids from school.  I have been horrified to learn that the ‘if it’s going to rain, it will rain right at school collecting time’ rule applies in the southern hemisphere too!  After getting the kids we went to the Post Office, much to Alexander’s annoyance!  He HATES the PO with a passion and this was the third time we’d been there this week!  I must get more organised in that respect!  Anyway, a few change of address cards were sent and Seonaid’s parcel is on it’s way to Deutschland – I may even have posted it in time to arrive for her birthday which I think would be a first!

The weather was still pretty grotty when we got home so the kids watched a dvd.  I can’t wait for their bikes and scooters to get here!  Hopefully it should be within the next week or so but I am so looking forward to it all arriving!

Michael arrived home just as I was finishing dinner – Tuna Bean Salad – it is so nice to have him home for dinner!  I am not sure he agrees though because he then has to be here while A & R get to their narky, tired bit of the day and that isn’t really fun for anyone!  He went out this evening to get them goggles for tomorrow’s swimming lesson and managed to miss most of it though.  I insisted that A & R should have an early night because they are both very tired, A whined and complained while R went and got her PJs on.  They came through to have an icy pole for supper (nice!  That’ll see them through ’til morning!) and ended up fighting over who was having which icy pole.  Said icy poles went back into the freezer and they went to bed without them.  Much wailing and gnashing of teeth but ten minutes later all was quiet – zonked!

Michael and I had a quiet night (the only sort we do really) and then by 9pm I was falling asleep on the settee – which is tricky because it’s not even a comfy settee!!  I went to bed and didn’t even read which is a huge thing for me – I only don’t read about three times per year!

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