Play centre and puddles

Today was a no school day which was good because last night was a no sleep night.  Michael had turned off the bathroom light as he went to bed so Ruby woke up and freaked out and had to come through to our room.  (She has her fairy night light but apparently the red phase of the light makes everything spooky.) In coming through she woke the dog up so he had to go out for a pee, when I came back Ruby was asleep on my bit of the bed so I shoved her over, got back in and then Larry decided he had more to do outside so was back out with him and then tried to squish in to the remaining quarter of the bed for the remaining hours of possible sleep time.  Thankfully, when Michael left for work I managed to convince Larry that this was not the time to get up and we dozed through another hour until the builders arrived.

I sat and did my mammoth weekend update while the kids grazed on breakfast and watched a dvd.  I love pyjama days!!

I was right about Larry being back to square one on the old toilet training malarkey.  He was teasing me today by going immediately after I brought him back in from outdoors – little bugger!  Back to normal tomorrow and back on the pursuit of a PFD.  He was also incredibly nippy as no-one had been ‘biting’ him back while I was gone.  Poor dog will hate me!

After catching up on some laundry we all got dressed and ready to go out with Linda and Cameron to a soft play place.  I kept taking the dog out as I knew he needed to go but he was being distracted by the builders, other dogs barking, passing cars, leaves – pretty much everything!  Linda arrived and so I had to just bung him in the house and we were off. 

We drove to Footscray to a big warehouse, housing a series of climbing frames, slides and ball pits.  The kids LOVED it!  Alexander and Cameron tore around non-stop, chasing each other, chasing Ruby, chasing other random children.  They stopped by the table where we were sitting every now and again for a big drink and then they were off again!  Alexander’s face was bright red!  Ruby alternated playing with them and floating about by herself but she seemed to be having a good time!

She had her first experience of the Australian culinary delight that is Fairy Breadthis is a staple of kid’s birthday parties and unexpected play-date snacks.  It is made by taking a slice of white bread, spread with butter and then dip in hundreds and thousands.  Not nutritious, not tasty but kids like it and it’s easy!  Ruby loved it!

Linda ordered some chips for the kids, they ate a few and then, realising that it was cutting into their playing time, they ran back into the climbing frames, leaving two bowls of chips in front of me – dangerous!  We continued to chat until one of the staff told us that the centre would be closing in ten minutes.  This was earlier than we had thought so we took the kids to McDonalds to make use of their outdoor playpark and also Linda’s staff discount card!  After leaving there we came home and indeed, Larry had left me a puddle on the floor – grrrrrrrrr!

I set about making some homemade burgers for tonight and meatballs for tomorrow.  They turned out really well which is just as well as there is precious little else!!  Ruby, who ‘doesn’t eat mince’ scoffed the lot – yay!

I escaped for a bath while Michael wrangled the kids and Larry.  He and Alexander played on the computer – Alexander loves doing that and it’s really sweet listening to him and Michael discussing what their next move should be.  Ruby is not feeling too great, she has a wee red nose and is a bit out of sorts so she came into the bathroom every five minutes to update me on her situation.  I really must get used to locking that door!

After they went to bed I made some bread and rolls.  I have been making my own bread for a while but I wanted to improve my kneading technique so that it makes more fluffy bread.  Just after I had set the bread for it’s first proving, the phone rang.  We have been without a phone for so long that we both just looked at each other for a minute before jumping to get it.  It was my Mum!  How lovely!  We had spoken to each other on Skype just last night but still we had half an hour of chatting in us!  Oh, how I have missed blethering with her!  While we chatted I did dishes, folded and sorted laundry, tidied the kitchen, took the dog out – all without really noticing!  When I hung up it was time to punch the dough down and shape it for it’s next rising.  By this time I was a bit knackered and could really have done with just going to bed but we stayed up for a while longer, baked the bread then I made tomorrow’s lunches, took the dog out and went to bed – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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