When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

Well, there’s nothing quite like an online freak-out to get everyone talking!  After I posted yesterday’s blog I was inundated with lovely messages telling me how well I was doing, some from fellow travellers telling me their meltdown stories, phone-calls from concerned parents making sure I wasn’t coming home 😉 Thank you so much, it got me over the bump in the road and helped me realise that I *do* have friends, very wonderful friends, they are just a little bit further away than they were two months ago (except Jeni and Jo, they are closer now :-))

Another message I got was from Karen who invited me to go charity shopping so after speaking to Pauline on facebook until the very last minute, I took the kids to school – Larry didn’t need dragging quite so much today – then after dropping the Golden Boy back home we set out for the charities. 

I had a good old rake and came away with a sugar bowl and milk jug, a *new* bale of towels (bright red, my favourite colour and also much better than our current white for not showing up dirty marks!), a *new* fleece jacket for Alexander, a backpack for Ruby and three tops for myself, including a very nice stripey cardi which I can wear on any future glum days and will feel instantly better for looking at it’s pretty colours, I do love a rainbow and would wear them more often but for the worry of being thought a lesbian!

We also had a turn round Aldi which was great and I reckon we’ll be doing our shopping here at the weekend to help me meet my August goal!  We christened our day ‘The Cheapskates Tour of Melton’ and it was exactly what I needed!  Back to Karen’s for a quick cuppa and a look at her latest renovations on the house then it was back to see what the GB had been up to in my absense.  I knew today would not be a PFD as moments after being let in this morning and while I was otherwise engaged he had a crap by the front door – grrrr – thank goodness for dry food though, looking on the bright side!

GB had been a perfect angel while I was away and had somehow managed to jump up on the sofa so was curled up on the jumper Michael had left there.  Wee soul!

I had lunch, replied to some of the lovely messages sent to my inbox to try and talk me down from the ledge and then played with Larry a bit.  I let him out before doing some laundry (had to wash all my new purchases!) and then he stood in front of me an pee-ed on the floor again – aaaaaaaah!!  WHEN will he get it?!!!  Still, we have wipe clean floors!

When I went for the kids it was POURING rain.  There have been storms all over the state and even a tornado over by the Murray River!  They never show you that on ‘Neighbours’ do they – it’s all pool parties and cricket in the court!  When the kids left this morning they hadn’t taken coats so I grabbed them before I left and coaxed Larry up the road to get them.

Alexander went straight to his room when we got in.  Michael had taken the last Harry Potter Audio book out of the library for him so he had some listening to do!  For anyone who hasn’t read Harry Potter (is there anyone?) I highly recommend the British audio books.  They are read by Stephen Fry and he is just brilliant.  While A was lost at Hogwarts (I recently realised that ‘Hogwart’ was one of the names that David Bowie mistakenly called Hoggle in Labyrinth – geek alert!!) Ruby wanted to do the spelling game I had made – she is such a wee keeno, I love it!  We played that while I made another coconut and berry loaf.  A cake was sure to get rid of the last of my glums!  I know comfort eating is not a good thing but you have to eat something, right?  It may as well be something that warms the cockles of your heart!

Dinner was Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs – the only meat Michael and Ruby bought at the weekend – and fried rice.  They were LOVELY!  Alexander had fish fingers and chips because I knew he wouldn’t go for the rice.

Michael came home with the fabulous news that he has been offered a full time contract!  His trial isn’t officially over until Friday but his boss has been really pleased with his work and he has fit really well into the workshop so she was more than happy to take him on and also to give him a wage-rise!!  It was more than we could possibly have dreamed that he would so quickly get a job he loves and be paid so well for it.  Whoops all round at Park Towers!!  We are going to open the bottle of bubby that David and Carol sent to us on Friday – I may even get a few steaks! 

In other good news today we got a phone call to say that our stuff from the boat would be delivered tomorrow between 7-8am!  Yay!  In the words of Ruby ‘The dogs have sniffed it off the boat and we’re allowed it back!’.  Tomorrow will be like Christmas as we open all our own possessions!  It has been a long time since we saw it all, I can’t even remember what we packed!

I finished the day off with a bath, a chat with my folks and a Double Dipped Cherry Ripe – yum!  Thank you again for all your support, I really appreciate it!

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2 Responses to When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

  1. Jacqui Alexander says:

    Glad to hear today was much better again. We have been here since Christmas but we still get some down days, you just pick yourself up and get on with it. Hopefully the weather will start to improve and the sunny days always make things better. We forgot how cold it gets in the houses in the winter we really miss our central heating, the kids now have electric blankets on their beds which we never had in Scotland, aussies can’t believe that! Hope the rest of your week is good. Jx

    • So sad to miss radiators don’t you think?! Sunny days always make things better! Sorry to hear about your teapot in the other post – it’s just a downer isn’t it? I am grateful that the rest of the stuff made it unscathed but sad about my bowl!

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