Boxes, boxes everywhere!

Up and at ’em at stupid o’clock this morning again.  The weather was MISERABLE and had been so all night.  I am ready for summer now, we had just come out of a hideous winter in Scotland when we moved here and have now had an extra few months of ming so I am very, very ready to get a bit of warmth in my bones.  Apparently this is the wettest winter in fifteen years too – a fact for which the Victorians are very grateful but I am somewhat resentful for the moment!  By the way, when I say ‘Victorians’ the state we are living in is called Victoria so I mean the people here, not a load of dead top-hatted, bustle-wearing, prim and proper English people!  I am sure you knew that but just thought I would mention it as I am now aware that there are people in the world who don’t think France is a country!

At 7.30am our boxes arrived!!!  Ably assisted into the house by Bob and Bobby the removal men!  The whole living room was jam-packed with wrapped crates and cardboard boxes

There was a teeny path, only big enough for an adult to walk sideways, round the settee and into the kitchen apart from that the whole floor was covered two or three boxes high!  I had said to the kids that I would have everything organised for them when they got home from school but I was suddenly doubtful that I would ever see my self-dirtying floor again never mind have things in any sort of order!!  We saw a box right in front of us that said ‘Toys’ so I opened it, inside were Ruby’s Barbies, she was ecstatic!  I opened another and it was the Playmobil plane and farm – Alexander was beside himself (despite the fact that prior to moving these had been in the garage for a good six months because I thought he was too old for them!).  They played with their new-old toys until it was time to go to school.

We walked/dragged up to school, it was still raining a little but not too badly – this is not a new occurance for us but I think we were the only people who *did* walk.  Rain doesn’t kill you, you know!  I got a row from our ever-so-slightly-xenophobic German crossing guard for bringing the dog out in this weather!  I assured her that for the rest of the day he would be curled up in front of the fire and she seemed satisfied.

I popped to the post office because a card had been left for us saying that a parcel had arrived that was too big for the moped-riding postie to bring.  It was a box of toys from my brother!  Thank you David!  I juggled it, the dog, my purse and keys home and opened the door to my task for the day.

I hadn’t had breakfast but I set about unpacking.  Box after box of familiar possessions was opened, some sorted away, like my lovely kitchen equipment

and some was kept in the boxes for future organisation.  I realised that we are going to need more storage.  This house has very little in the way of storage space so we are heading back to Ikea at the earliest possible opportunity!

I really wanted to get the house looking like ‘our house’ before Michael and the kids came home so as lunchtime came and went, and I still hadn’t had breakfast, I continued wildly unwrapping and sorting.  A major achievement for me would be to have the dining room table set up.  I love having meals at the table and really didn’t want to have to sit round our cramped little breakfast bar for dinner tonight so I assembled the table but then couldn’t lift it’s whole weight by myself.  This is where having a load of workmen outside comes in very handy!  I went out and asked one of them to help me and ‘voila!’ the table was up!  With the six dining room chairs round it, it almost looked like a normal room!

I took everything that belonged to the kids to their rooms, everything that was ours to our room and that just left a few boxes of random stuff and some more kitchen stuff.  I opened a box and found to my dismay that the beautiful big bowl that we had bought on our honeymoon in Tunisia was in pieces.  I could just have cried.  There is no way of replacing it because we bought it in some little back of beyond town.  It wasn’t expensive but it was very special to me and I love it.  It’s not irrepairable (is that a word?  It should be if it’s not!) but it’s still sad.  The only other breakage I have found so far is the glass and frame on a picture of Alexander and Ruby – that’s easy enought to replace though. 

I worked my bahookie off until it was time to go and get the kids.  I had the living room looking quite presentable.  I could have cried when I opened up the sofa.  It’s not a fancy settee but it means a lot to Michael and I.  It is old, probably not very fashionable but it is really comfortable and it’s been with us since Michael lived with his Dad.  It was our only piece of furniture when we first moved in together!

I dragged Larry up the road again and the kids were so excited to get home.  They both threw themselves at their boxes and found some old favourites.

I was absolutely knackered!  Michael came home from work and I convinced him to get fish suppers which we ate at our new-old dining table!

I was done for the day!  My feet have been sore on and off since doing the moonwalk (the charity marathon, not the Michael Jackson dance move!) and they have become steadily worse.  I googled my symptoms (always dangerous, usually I find out I have only minutes to live!) and came up with plantar fasciitis – or heel spurs.  In short it means that by the evening I am hobbling about like an old lady and then during the night my feet are so sore I want to peel the skin off them!  Treatment seems to be heel inserts in shoes and ibuprofen so I will set about sorting that tomorrow.  It is made worse by wearing very flat shoes or bare feet so I need to get it sorted before thong (Aussie word for flip-flop) season. 

I had a bath, read to the kids and followed them to bed.  I was out like a light!

In other news – today was a PFD for Larry!!  Yay!!  Possibly because he was too  busy helping me unpack boxes to pee on the floor!

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2 Responses to Boxes, boxes everywhere!

  1. David says:

    I had heel spurs when I first moved here… lack of bloody hills, that’s what does it!

    They go away quickly though.

    Must be funny to have your Scotland stuff in Australia!

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