Skinned knees and celebratory meal

Normal start to our day again today though I I didn’t take Larry to school with us because I had been asked to help with the fruit cutting for the P/1/2 classes.  Ruby was so excited about the arrival of our stuff that she wanted to take her scooter to school with her.  I carried her bag so that she wouldn’t over-balance and we set off.  As I opened the door, Larry ran out, he must have known that he wasn’t invited today because he is never normally that excited about going!  I ditched my stuff, ran after him and plopped him back in his bed, grabbed my bag and took off after the kids – not easy on my increasingly hobbly feet.

Alexander and I were halfway up the road, following Ruby on her scooter and having a nice old chat when there was a bloodcurdling scream and when I looked up Ruby was sprawled all over the pavement.  She got up and ran towards me (good, no broken legs) and I ran to her to find that she had scraped her legs, hands and face.  Her wobbly front teeth were bleeding but still in situ.  Most of all though she was screaming and screaming.  Anyone who knows Ruby knows that she is not really a complainer when she hurts herself.  She’s really brave and gets over things very quickly and then wears her many battlescars with pride!  By some miracle I had wipes in my bag with me so didn’t have to clean her up with spit on a used hanky!  We all pulled ourselves together and then continued our journey to school.  Only then did I realise that I had left her bag in the living room when I had replaced the dog – bugger!

We got to school, explained the knees and the lack of bag to Mrs Dockeary (R’s teacher) and then I went to cut fruit.  It was nice to meet some of the other Mums.  We chatted away as we chopped and sliced and made up fruit platters for the lower school. 

I came home and grabbed Ruby’s bag then hobbled back up the road to drop it off.  I had taken Larry with me this time and the ladies in the office all wanted a cuddle!  (From Larry I hasten to add!)  Mrs Davidson (deputy head) has two old golden cockers and Mrs Lourey (an aide who the kids insist is called Mrs Larry because of the way the Aussies say Lourey!) has one too.  Larry was passed from one to another and spent the whole time looking gorgeous, cuddly and tragic in a way that only spaniel puppies can!

When I came home, Linda phoned to ask if I wanted to go out for a coffee.  She swung by to pick me up and we went to McCafe to meet her friend, Marjory – I had met her last week at the Postie Party.  Because Linda works in McDonalds, she gets a hefty discount, which is very handy!  We chatted and drank vanilla lattes and then, after saying goodbye to Marjory, we went to the shops.  I wanted to get some steaks for a special congratulations dinner to celebrate Michael’s new job.  We went to Western Fresh where I got two HUGE steaks for $13 (about £7) and some lovely french bread to mop up the sauce. 

I came home and set about Ruby’s room with a vengeance.  I sorted her toys into different categories – Barbies, Polly Pockets, My Little Ponies etc because we are going to Ikea to get a Trofast storage system it’s our only hope of getting them both organised!!  When their beds are built up this weekend we can store some of the bigger things – Sylvanian Family House, pram, guinea pig house etc under there but there is still the matter of the gazillion small animals and people to house so Ikea, here we come!

I went to get the kids from school.  Ruby appeared to be well and truly over her earlier trauma and zoomed all the way home on her scooter.  We had an after school snack and a blether at the dining room table and then the kids went to play with their toys (Ruby was warned not to take ANYTHING out of the bags I had organised!).  I got their swimming stuff ready for their lessons tonight – not easy as there are now boxes on top or in front of EVERYTHING!  Ruby had her swimming bag organised a few days ago so that was easy, but Alexander’s kit was strewn about everywhere and took some finding!

When Michael got home we packed the kits and the kids in the car and nipped up to Coles for the blue cheese and cream I needed to make the sauce for the steaks (somehow a couple of Cherry Ripe bars made it into my basket too!) and then went to swimming lessons.

I continue to be amazed at the speed of their progress at swimming.  Particularly Alexander, he was speeding up the pool like a bullet tonight and David is still pushing him to improve his technique.  Alexander is taking it really well and I can see him trying to do his absolute best.  Every time he goes up the pool he is better and better.  Ruby is improving too but she is still a long way from doing a length.  She freaks out so easily but every time David is there to reassure her but mostly to make sure she does it!  Hopefully by summer she will be properly swimming.

When we got back from swimming I got the kids a little pizza from the bakery each.  I was getting ready to warm them under the grill and as I pulled the grill out it fell to the floor with one of the pizzas on it – bah!  With a piddly puppy in the house, the ten second rule does not apply so they had to share one pizza and I made them some jam on french bread instead – by this time on a friday night I just wanted to sit down to my nice dinner and chill!

Once the kids were in bed I made the steaks and the sauce, steamed some broccoli and sliced some baguette, set the table (no wine glasses let alone champagne flutes so we had our bubbly in tumblers!) and finally sat down to our celebratory meal.  My steak was lovely, Michael’s not so much.  A bad steak is always disappointing.  He ate around the hidden grizzly bits and soaked up every last bit of sauce.  I had very stupidly put the pan I had cooked the steaks and sauce in into the washing up water which was a real blow to Michael who likes to sneak back to the pan and scrape the burned on cheese off with a piece of bread.  I had denied him his guilty pleasure – shame on me!  It was just nice for us to sit and have a meal together though, things have been so full on recently that it was lovely just to chat and have a laugh together.

After dinner I did nothing, absolutely nothing but sit with my gorgeous puppy and watch telly while catching up on Facebook.

It as a great way to end the week!

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2 Responses to Skinned knees and celebratory meal

  1. David says:

    That dog is hilarious!

  2. Yerda says:

    “Skinned knees” – you never had them. Yours were aye skint!

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