Weekend update

Saturday started at 5.30am as usual when the dog had a bit of a whimper about needing out.  I let him out, plopped him back in his bed and then Saturday stopped again again for another two hours.  Michael got up with the dog/kids at 7.30am and I stayed in bed for a while more.  When I got up I did the usual round of breakfasts, hair brushing, glasses finding that is our morning routine.  Michael took the dog out for a drag (but brought him home because ‘a big dog barked at him and he got scared’ – pansy!) and then we all piled in the car (minus Larry) and went into the city.

We were still surrounded by boxes so our plan was to go into Melbourne, go to meet Michael’s boss at his workshop and then go to Ikea for storage units.  We got into Melbourne, we went to meet Michael’s boss, Glennis – she is lovely, the shop is phenomenal!  All the furniture they do is gorgeous and the fabrics are out of this world!  The whole place just drips good taste!  Michael gave us a tour of the back workshop where he spends his days and it was lovely too – rows of colour organised fabric, labelled boxes of oddments, thread cones lined up in a spectrum – it was heaven to a colour OCD-er’s eyes!!!

On leaving, Glennis asked where we were going and when we said Ikea she replied that it would be really busy.  Michael blanched and when we got out of the shop announced that we’d just go home then.  There is man-logic in all it’s glory!  We drove over an hour to get there, we’d be driving over an hour to get home again, no matter how busy it was in Ikea it wasn’t going to be so bad that it was worth ANOTHER 2.5 hour round trip!  However, where Ikea is concerned there is no point arguing.  Conditions have to be pefect before he will set foot in the store.  I remember when the kids were teeny that we went to the one in Straiton, I say ‘we went’, we drove to it and I ran round the shop grabbing ice-cube trays (different shaped cubes for easier baby mush identification), face cloths, storage boxes and plastic cutlery while they circled the car park, pausing by the door every time they went round in case I was there!  Anyway, we rescheduled our visit for Monday night – just wait and see what he excuse will be for then …

We came home and checked on Larry – all well and good.  We faffed about for a bit and then had a few errands to do so we nipped out to do those and then popped into Linda’s as Michael had some football thing to put onto Hughie’s computer.  I don’t quite know what it was and I wasn’t even feigning an interest so they got on with that while Linda, Chloe and I had a cup of tea and a blether!  The kids had long since disappeared into the games room to play with Cameron.

We were supposed to be going up to watch the game with them later but we were all knackered so asked if it was ok if we gave it a miss.  Fine with them, they were jiggered too! 

We came home and watched a very scratched version of ‘Two Brothers’ about a pair of tiger cubs.  It was so badly scratched though, it was like watching it in You Tube!  Alexander stuck with it but the rest of us floated off to do other stuff.

I spent the evening lying on my lovely sofa with my sore feet up.  They had become excrutiating so I was chucking back the ibuprofen and complaining at every given opportunity.


I had a monster lie in today – the dizzy heights of 10am.  Of course, I was awake at 5.30am with the dog, and at 7.30am when Ruby came in to see if it was morning, and at 8.30am when Michael got up, and at 9am when A & R got a row for something, and at 9.30am when Michael came through to get his stuff for a shower – but still, I am not complaining!

I pottered about in my jammies for ages doing laundry, cleaning up, reading kids’ library books that had to be back today, firmly asking the neighbours grandkids not to play in our drive when Ruby’s not there (is it just my kids who would not think of playing in someone else’s garden?!).  I eventually did get dressed and then we went to the library.  I am still snowed under with books so I didn’t need anything – I am currently reading ‘Julie & Julia’ about a woman in New York who set herself the challenge of cooking all the recipes in ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ in a year.  It’s a really good read.  The film is out now and I would like to see it but books are always better than the films so I wanted to read it first.  Michael and the kids found some things they wanted and then we went to Aldi.

As part of my August goals (that is August with a capital A – not that my goals are to be revered or admired!) I am trying to keep my shopping budget under $150.  I am pleased to announce that I did this week’s shopping for $145.60 – hurrah!  I still managed to get a lot of stuff …

So this week we will be having our usual breakfasts of cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt, lunches will be rolls or sandwiches or leftovers and main meals will be

  • Thai pumpkin soup (yay for the arrival of my hand blender!)
  • homemade pizzas
  • ravioli with homemade tomato sauce and homemade pullapart garlic bread
  • Devilled sausages with layered potatoes
  • Satay chicken
  • Beef stir fry
  • chilli (continuously bumped from one week to the next!)

Ah, it is satisfying to have a full fridge!  And even better when I managed to stay on budget!  Yay for Aldi!

While there I saw pots with everything you need to grow herbs.  One of the items on my very short ‘wanted’ list is a herb garden (other items are a BBQ and a hammock – apart from that I want for nothing!) so I couldn’t pass them up.  I have very limited success with growing herbs, in fact I have very little success in keeping anything alive if it doesn’t have legs!  Michael gave me a cactus once thinking it would be safe and I still managed to kill it!  So hopefully I will be more successful this time!  Ruby and I planted them out and put them on the window-ledge where they will hopefully thrive and not get blown over!

Even as he is looking at this picture, I just know my Dad is thinking of what he could rig up to stop the pots falling – I am right, aren’t I, Dad?!  And if he was here then I know that he would make me a fabulous window box or even a bit of expanding rod around the front of them, but for now he is 10,505 miles away and the herbs will have to take their chances.  In these pots we have Basil, Coriander and Parsley – I couldn’t find my black marker to write this on them so they are lined up in alphabetical order!  I also got this pot containing chilli plants.  I love chilli plants, they are so pretty – I really hope this one works!

After our tea of scrambled egg rolls (yeah, not quite the Sunday Roast in our house!) made so much easier since the arrival of my batter bowl, whisk and mix ‘n’ scraper, I went for a bath.  I love baths and don’t understand anyone who doesn’t.  What is not to like about lying back in warm water, reading a book in perfect peace for an hour?  People say ‘Ewww, you are lying in your own dirt’, well, yes, but before that you were carrying it all round on you so what’s the difference?!  Besides, I am not that dirty!  I understand my brother’s dislike of them, he is over 6′ tall and so he physically couldn’t lie in our bath.  It would be like sitting in a bidet with his knees round his ears for him.  But for anyone under 5’7″, me especially, bathtime is a joy!

I got out just in time to speak to Mum on Skype.  As usual the kids took their turn first …

In a reversal of circumstances, Ruby was uber-chatty but Alexander was all one word answers.  I think he finds it difficult to keep still and talk at the same time!

Mum and I had a great blether and then signed off for another week.  Yet again, I felt sorry for the people who made this trip before the internet was around.  It is so comforting to chat so freely to someone who means so much to me.

We watched ‘Offspring’ the latest, much-trailed comedy drama on telly before bed, nipping to the kitchen to make lunches during the adverts.

We got to bed far too late, all ready for the next week and whatever that would bring!

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