Lots of pictures and an election

So this was election weekend in Australia.  The choice was Julia Gillard’s Labour Party who are currently in power, or Tony Abbott’s Liberal Party, who are not really liberals but actually quite Conservative-esque.  The Liberal’s seem very anti-immigration and are a bit tight on spending.  Labour are pretty spendy but everyone seems a bit sick of them.  So we are in pretty much the same situation as Britain was just before we left!  In Australia you HAVE to vote if you are registered otherwise you can get a fine.  I think that is a great idea!  The kids’ school was used as a polling station and even though we can’t vote yet we went up because the school were doing a fundraising BBQ for the voters to raise money for new gym equipment and we will go anywhere for a sausage!  Unlike polling stations in Britain where candidates just stand silently outside grinning and trying to look respectable all day but aren’t actually allowed to talk to voters, here we were practically press-ganged into voting!  All the parties thrust flyers in our hands and urged us to vote for them.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that we were only there for the snags! 

We still don’t know who is in power because, just like in Britain, there was no overall majority so the leaders are having talks with smaller parties and independent candidates.  I don’t like hung parliaments.  I much prefer Alexander’s logic of ‘whoever gets the most votes gets to be ‘it” but either way it just means that none of the options were very convincing!

In non-political news, I have a load of pictures I have been meaning to share starting with my favourite picture of Larry so far …

I was crouching on the floor to take a pic of him lying in his bed when he spotted me and ran over just as I clicked!

Ruby LOVES having a dog!  Larry loves having a Ruby too – she has lots of little things that he can steal and chew in his bed!

Here is the peg bag I made during the week – yes, I live a rock and roll life!

And here are the sandwich wrappers in a step by step kind of a style …

Wrapper flat on table with sandwich on it, then …

Fold over both sides, then the bottom …

then fold the top down and fasten…

Ta-da!  One sandwich wrapper which cancels out the need for plastic wrapping in our house forevermore!  This is, of course, Ruby’s.  Alexander has a more manly jellyfish fabric on his…

I also said that I would show you the kids’ rooms when they were all done so here they are…

That’s looking in from the door and this is standing in front of the posters there and looking back …

And then Alexander’s – from the door…

and then looking back …

So there you have it – it’s not top of the range Aged Alaskan Oak or anything even remotely fancy but it is functional and tidy and the kids are DELIGHTED to have their own beds back and to be able to play with their toys!

I was feeling like death warmed up as I have caught Michael’s cold and my sinuses feel like they are stuffed up with peanut butter.  We were suppoed to be going out with Jeni and Dave or catch up with Linda but in actual fact I lay in bed feeling grotty until I remembered that Ruby had to do her ‘Sea Creatures’ project.  She decided she wanted to do ‘Seahorses’ so we made a poster…

It is a ‘lift the flap’ poster where she has written a seahorse fact under each of the little seahorses.We made full use of all my craft stuff which was packed in the boxes – thank goodness it arrived in time to do this!  Ruby and I both love doing stuff like this.  We are never as happy as when we have a bottle of PVA glue and scraps of pretty paper!!  I can’t find Ruby’s left-handed scissors since we moved and she is really stumped without them so I had to do a lot of the cutting (except the seaweed because it didn’t matter if that was wonky!) but apart from that she did it all by herself!  I hope her teacher will be pleased because R worked really hard on it!

Finally, because it is Sunday we have our groceries picture …

So we’ll be having yoghurt, fruit and cereal for brekkie, cold meat pieces or leftovers for lunch (we very rarely have leftovers though!) and for dinners it will be

  • Pork kebabs
  • homemade burgers and wedges with corn on the cob
  • Macaroni cheese (Ruby saw the heart shaped pasta and as it was on special offer we got it!)
  • Homemade pizzas
  • Chicken Korma
  • Tomato pasta
  • Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

I was WELL under budget again this week despite two kids puzzle books mysteriously making their way into the trolley so I used the extra money to buy some nice, square casserole dishes, oh yes, I know how to live the wild life, first peg bags and now casserole dishes, will the madness never end?!

And finally, is this the cutest dog ever?

I think it just might be!  He is doing really well now, lots of PFDs under his collar and he has learned sit, lie down, wait and paw.  We’re still working on walking having had a hilarious drag this evening until he realised he was on his way home when he almost choked himself with pulling to get back indoors!!  Ah well, gives us something to work on this week!

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2 Responses to Lots of pictures and an election

  1. Yerda says:

    Larry P is definitely the cutest dog! So cute he’s even one of my passwords at work.

  2. Brenny says:

    Did you make those sandwich wraps yourself? I bought some a few years ago but one got eaten by the tumble dryer, it was tucked inside something else, doh! Anyway, if you did make them, what did you use for the inside?
    Say Well done to Ruby! I love the seahorses. Loving Larry as well- he’s gorgeous.

    Brenny xoxoxox

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