Dog walking and job application

It was a beautiful sunny morning today so instead of taking Larry straight home after taking the kids to school, we went for a wee walk.  He is getting much better at walking on the lead so it was really his first ‘no purpose, just for fun’ walk.  I really hate taking pull-y dogs for walks and until recently we had quite the opposite problem, I was the one doing the pulling.  Larry is starting to get a bit above himself though and shows off by trying to pull.  There are lots of different methods on the internet for training them out of this from the ‘stop/start’ method, to the ‘turn around’ method, not to mention all manner of choke chains (now called ‘check’ chains, but you’re not fooling anyone with that!) and even high pitched whistles that go off if the dog pulls.  This is all a bit like when you have a baby and everyone has their own thing that worked for them. 

A good friend and seasoned dog trainer told me of the method she uses which is to have two leads on the dog.  One that you hold loosely in your hand, just to make sure they don’t bolt, and the other that trails along the ground.  If the dog walks ahead of you, you stand on the trailing lead bringing him to a stop without breaking your stride. 

While we were out this morning, Larry was getting a bit cocky and starting to pull so I let his lead drop (I only have one lead just now) and he trotted along beside me just fine.  Occasionally he would forge ahead a bit more than he should and I stepped on the lead bringing him sharply back to the right place without any yanking or yelling, just a curt ‘heel’ from me as I carried on walking.  He seemed to get it really well and we had a very enjoyable walk, then he came home, barked at the other dog in the patio doors, had a big drink and then crashed out in his bed!

People here don’t really walk their dogs and as a result the whole place is filled with barky, frustrated, slightly unhinged dogs.  It is a real shame and I am sure that much of it could be avoided by just walking them.  I know how twitchy I get when I haven’t left the house all day and I am pretty lazy!  I can’t imagine how it must be to be locked in a garden or house all day with as much energy as an average dog!

In non-dog related news – Ruby handed in her project yesterday and was one of only two children who did!  I couldn’t believe it!!  Do these parents have no shame?!  I can’t imagine teaching a child that it is ok to miss a deadline like that.  In Mauricewood they would have been the talk of the playground!

Geez, I sound a right sanctimonious mare today, don’t I?!

I also applied for a job today.  One that I actually want!  It is the first time in ten years that I have had to do this because I have been otherwise engaged with small children but now I really want this one and I know I could do it.  I have sent off a resume and letter and I just hope that will be enough to get me to an interview.  It is only for 19 hours a week which would suit me perfectly and it is pretty well paid which wouldn’t hurt either!  And…… it has a pension!  You know you are getting old when you say things like that!  The closing date for applications is Friday so I don’t expect to hear anything before next week but I will keep you updated if you keep your fingers crossed!

It is a beautiful day in Melton today.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I have two loads of washing out on the line.  Life is good!

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3 Responses to Dog walking and job application

  1. Yerda says:

    Well done Ruby. Well done Larry. Well done you!

  2. correen hope says:

    OMG Larry is getting so big! good luck with the job application, any employer would be lucky to have you!

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