Bread making and Blossom Guides

After taking the dog out for a walk I spent a really nice day putting in my application for the job I am after, getting the house straightened up a bit, doing more laundry (there is NOTHING left in the house to be washed – I love bright, windy days!) and then making dinner.  I made yummy tomato pasta and homemade pull-apart garlic bread.  I love this bread, it is so tasty and much nicer than any of the pre-made baguettes that you get in the shop.  Yes, it is slightly more labour-intensive but it is so worth it!  It starts off like this

and ends up like this

That is quite a lot of bread but we managed to eat most of it between the four of us!  There are a couple of pieces left which may make it to lunch for me 🙂

The pasta was scrummy too but nothing out of the ordinary – except that the pasta was heart shaped.  I used to buy fancy shaped pasta in the hope that Alexander would eat it.  I think he is the only child I know who doesn’t like pasta.  It is most annoying because the rest of us love it and it is super easy and quick to make but A is more of a slow-roasted meat and two veg kind of a man – nothing that can be made in less than an hour!  We have had Thomas the Tank Engine pasta, Scooby Doo pasta – none of it made any difference – bah!  Well, when we were doing the shopping on Sunday, Ruby noticed some heart shaped pasta and it was on special offer so I let her have it, I am nice like that LOL!  When I opened it today I noticed that the expiry date on it was my Mum’s birthday. 

Random coincidence or the universe reminding me of someone who loves me?  You decide, based on your level cynicism but I know which I chose 😉

Miracle of miracles, Alexander ate some of it!  Even though it was a bit girly!  Yay for a successful dinner!

Tuesday night is Blossom Guides night so Ruby got all togged up in her new uniform

she loves a new costume!  The top is really nice and has the Southern Cross constellation on the back too.

I got to stay tonight and helped with a few games and a craft activity, making Fathers Day cards.  Fathers Day in Australia is in September so Dad will get two cards this year!  Just as well really as his first one was over a month late – we left the country on UK Fathers Day and the card I got for him was packed by mistake!  Sorry Dad!

The girls are all really sweet in the group and we took some pictures to send back to the Rainbows in Scotland.

Ruby is obviously one of the younger girls in the group but she is fitting in really nicely and the older girls are very friendly and helpful with her.  The leaders in the group all have Australian plant names (in the same way that Brownie leaders are called after owls etc.) so we have a Wattle and a Gum Leaf.  The girls have to choose a name for me too – I hate to think what they will come up with as neither of those two are particularly inspiring! 

I tried to get to bed early but it didn’t really happen!

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6 Responses to Bread making and Blossom Guides

  1. yerda says:

    Knead the recipe for the garlic bread!!!OOoops or neeeed ?? Had a fantastic day at Falkirk Wheel! 36 years and counting woo hoo!

  2. Brenny says:

    Yes I agree= we need a recipe for the garlic bread! Looks delicious.
    Ruby looks very happy & proud in that picture.

  3. Brenda says:

    Another boy who doesn’t eat pasta! I have one of those and it make life so much more difficult!

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