Weekend Update

On Friday night Michael and I got a couple of DVDs from Blockbuster after the kids had finished swimming, Julie & Julia (the film of the book I just finished) which I know Michael won’t watch (but I think he would really enjoy if he did) and ‘Green Zone’ with Matt Damon which I knew wouldn’t really enjoy but I would watch!  We watched Green Zone after the kids went to bed but switched it off half way through – tripe!  Utter tripe!  We weren’t remotely interested in any of the characters and the story should have been interesting but wasn’t.  Ho hum, never mind!

Saturday morning started early but we did our usual faffing about thing until we had to get our behinds in gear to get the kids to Adam and Carl’s birthday party.  (Adam and Carl are the kids who arrived from England at about the same time we got here.)  In an unusual fit of organisation I had both bought and wrapped their presents ahead of time – go me!  We dropped the kids off at Mumbo Jumbo (soft play centre) and then went out for brunch.  We found a really nice cafe on the high street that served lovely brunchy stuff.  It was lovely to have a meal together and just catch up on how we are doing.  ‘Pretty well’ was the general concensus!

In the afternoon Linda came down for a cuppa and a catch up.  She has been working so much recently, we haven’t had a chance to see her so it was very nice to have a blether. 

On Saturday night we went round to Gerry and Karen’s house for dinner.  They made a lovely lamb roast with ALL the trimmings.  UBER-yum!  We had a nice night of chatting, food and wine and the kids all seemed to have a good time too.  As they just live round the corner, Michael could have a glass of wine (or two!) too which was nice for him as he has been the driver whenever we’ve gone out – not for long!  I have A LOT of designated driving to do to make up for all the times he has driven me home!

I was hoping for a lie in on Sunday morning but it didn’t really work out between the dog insisting on getting up, Michael’s reluctance to comply and then our bed’s magnetic force pulling him back and disturbing me!

I suppose I had to get up anyway because we had planned to meet Jeni and Dave at Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary.  It was a bit of a trek to get there – it took about an hour and a half but we drove through some lovely countryside.

Healesville has all the usual Aussie animals, lots of koalas who were the most spritely I have ever seen!

We saw them jumping from one branch to another and all awake at the same time!!  They are dozy little blighters so this was no mean feat!

We saw dingos (or is it dingoes?  I should know really having just been to a blooming dingo sanctuary!) and dingo babies – soooooooo cute and just a week younger than Larry.  I don’t have pictures of the babies because they were in the dingo nursery, but here is one of the grown ups

We found out that you *can* have a dingo as a pet but you need a special license.  Not sure why you’d want one though because they are just a teeny side step from a wolf and I doubt very much they would let you give them a bubble-bath-beehive hairdo without taking your hand off and really, where’s the fun in that?!

We saw a really impressive birds of prey show with a buzzard called Beatrice

she opened eggs by throwing stones at them – Alexander loved that and has done impressions of it every ten minutes since 🙂

There were also the ever-present kangaroos – close enough to touch!

I’m not sure if we’ll ever tire of seeing kangaroos (and also feeling a little bit guilty for eating sausages made from their relatives!) – the kids were absolutely entranced, especially Ruby (Alexander was still doing buzzard impressions)

It was a lovely day out and we had a great drive home too through all that pretty countryside.  The clouds were amazing – this pic was taken while driving so it doesn’t even nearly do it justice but you’ll get the idea!

And here we have found some amazing hills for Andy Turnbull who said that he would never move to Australia because there would be no-where for him to cycle – come on Andy, no excuse now, chuck Lynne, the kids and the bikes on a plane and get yourselves over here!

We got home just in time for Ruby to catch up with her wee friend, Sarah, on Skype.  Thankfully she managed to talk this time so that is an improvement!  She really misses Sarah so it was lovely that they could talk to each other.  Then I had my weekly chat with my folks – I love Skype!  I will love it even more in 12 weeks when they are here but in the meantime this will have to do!

No shopping or meal plans this week as we were too busy gallivanting but we are going to get it done tomorrow before Michael and I have our gym induction (sounds scary!).

I must say I am really enjoying our weekends.  I love that Michael doesn’t have to work and we are spending loads of time all together.

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2 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. David says:

    Sounds like a top weekend!

  2. correen hope says:

    Sarah loved chatting to Ruby too. We are getting cracking on filling this box of goodies to post this week! Sarah cant wait to meet Ruby’s teacher. Very exciting. Had a wee chat with your mum on Monday, blether blether blether!

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