Laundry and sunshine

We got up this morning to a beautiful, sunny day.  Ruby’s class had invited parents in to play maths games (she brought home an invitation printed with the words ‘Maths and Literacy Week’ and she had written ‘Mafs games’ under it LOL, that gave me a real giggle!) so I ran back to the house with Larry and dropped him off before heading back up to school.  I was one of two parents who had made it to join in and spent much of the time thanking goodness that I have the children I have! 

I came home and did LOADS of laundry while watching ‘Julie and Julia’, as ever, it is not as good as the book but it was really good!  I did a bit of knitting – I am making myself a cowl until my nice new wool arrives for getting started on the kids’ projects.  It seemed a bit silly today because it was lovely and warm.

I had a really good look through the house after lunch because Alexander has lost his DS.  Anyone who knows Alexander will know what a disaster this is.  We have NO IDEA where it is.  We don’t know exactly when it was lost or where we last saw it.  I am fuming and I tore through the house like a mad person.  It is not in any of the cupboards, it is not in any of the bags we take about with us, it is not in the car – argh!!!!!  I have no idea where it is and it’s driving me mad!  I shall be saying prayers to St Anthony shortly!

After getting the kids we went out with Linda and Cameron for a cuppa and a blether.  The kids ran about in the playpark while Linda and I caught up and enjoyed the sunshine.

In the evening, Michael and I were going to a gym induction so Linda offered to take the kids home with her and give them their tea – yay!  Michael came and met us and Linda went off with the kids, Michael and I popped into the shops to get some essentials as we missed our weekly shop this week.

We went round to the gym and met Sean who was signing us up.  He asked us lots of questions about our fitness and what we wanted from the gym – this is always a bit awkward, I know I am not particularly fit and I have no idea what I want from the gym!!  Anyway, we joined, we will get three personal training sessions, we can go to any number of classes, use the pool or gym equipment at any time.  The kids can go to a kids fitness class once a week too – result!

We collected the kids from Linda – though they were very reluctant to come home!  They were packed off to bed – both crying their heads off – Ruby because she got a row from Michael for telling lies and Alexander because he wanted a computer game and I said he’d have to save up for it – ah the joys!  I was regretting feeling smug about their behaviour at school this morning!

I did some ironing, sat down for ten minutes and then went to bed.  I keep promising that I will have an early night but it never happens!

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2 Responses to Laundry and sunshine

  1. correen hope says:

    please tell me you found the DS and calm has been restored to the Park household.?

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